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dark run, hot soup

After the holiday break, 5:50 a.m. felt pretty darn early to start running. Luckily I was half asleep when it all started :) And I had the East Nasty club to keep me company! It’s been months since I ran with them so it was nice to catch up with the crew.


It was pitch dark for the entire run. The head lamp was shining bright!


Hilly five miles and a hot shower before the sun comes up = good start to the day. All I have to do now is head to work, take a break for our hospital tour, and then cook dinner and watch 30 Rock (we’re slowly working our way through all the seasons — love this show!). In other TV news, did anyone watch The Bachelor premier the other night?! So DRAMATIC ūüėČ

Trash TV talk over and back to our regular programming: After multiple¬†holiday feasts over the past ten days¬†it’s nice to be cooking at home again! I got excited to tackle the Cook Smarts prep work on Sunday afternoon. Everything chopped and ready for the week.


First on the menu: potato soup. Plus a hearty¬†salad made of shaved brussel sprouts — topped with dates, parmesan, and almonds. How did I ever live before owning a food processor?


Close-up of the bacon because bacon. I should make potato soup more often — so simple, yummy, and freezer-friendly.


Speaking of freezing, we’re back in the 30s today. Stay warm and see you tomorrow!

  • Anyone else watch the bachelor? Who’s your favorite?
  • Head lamp or waist lamp? Or neither?
  • What’s on your dinner menu this week?

4 thoughts on “dark run, hot soup

  1. That soup looks delicious! I won a Vitamix at my work holiday party, so more soups in my future. The Bachelor was a riot….I like Rachel (the lawyer), Vanessa and the gal from TN so far. Corinne…not so much.

  2. Dinner this week has been a Thai-style crock pot chicken curry (with rice and broc) and a quiche for lunches.

    Tell me more about that brussel sprout salad! Is there a dressing to it, and do you cook before processing?

    • that sounds delicious! so for the salad, you shave the sprouts (i used the shred blade on my food processor, it’s a lifesaver) and then quickly sautee the shreds in a little bit of olive oil on the stove for about 5 minutes. The dressing was a maple-dijon-lemon-olive oil mix. The recipe is from Cook Smarts (paid subscription, but so worth it!) so I can’t paste it word for word :). But here is a very similar recipe: http://foodiegoeshealthy.com/shaved-brussels-sprouts-salad/