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today’s run + random stories

Greetings on this very grey day!


Katie and I met up super late (for us) this morning at 7 a.m. I had no idea what to do with myself before the run! I puttered around the kitchen and did a few odds and ends before finally getting out the door. When I run with her we usually meet closer to 5:30 — so it was nice to finally see my friend in the sunlight :).

We covered 4.5 miles together with an extended stop for a shoe tie. Nothing’s worse than an untied shoe in the winter when you have to take off two layers of gloves to free up your fingers.


On this particular run I appreciated the break, though :) . Katie is a speed demon! Good thing we had lots to catch up on or else I might have noticed how out of breath I was.


Not much else to talk about today, so let’s feature a few random photos from my phone that I just realized I never shared!

First: Did you know that Nashville has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon? They don’t call us the “Athens of the South” for nothing, y’all. We took Anthony’s friend Chris there to explore when he was visiting us last week.


The weather was kind of crummy but we stayed dry under the giant pillars. We probably walked a mile or two through Centennial Park, which was packed! If you ever come to Nashville this is kind of a must-see spot.


Second: here’s dinner from a few nights ago! This Cook Smarts creation featured chicken thighs, spinach, artichokes, and quinoa. Artichokes are one of my favorite weird foods — so tangy and sour.


I can’t take any credit for this meal — Anthony did all the work! Usually I do most of the cooking because I get home from work earlier, but on Tuesday he beat me to the kitchen. Can’t complain about coming home to a table set and dinner served :)


We liked this meal but didn’t loooove it. The side salad was great, though! Maybe because half of it was made up of cheese…


  • Who usually cooks dinner in your household?
  • Have you ever visited Nashville’s Parthenon?
  • Favorite “weird” foods? (In addition to artichokes, I also love anchovies and hearts of palm!)

3 thoughts on “today’s run + random stories

  1. I actually just visited Nashville last week! We did not see the Parthanon, but wished we did! We went to the Keith Urban concert on NYE and mostly ate hot chicken until our hearts content! We also went to Broadway and this random bar in East Nashville called “Dinos.” I think we need to make another Nashville trip!

    • ha! Dinos is a few blocks away from my house — what a dive! glad you got your fill of hot chicken. hope you have recovered! :)

  2. I do most of the cooking, although it is not that complicated…………..I want to try fancier stuff, but often it is quick meals. I don’t like artichokes, I did find out I like beets, though! And we have been to the Parthenon twice………once on our first “Nashville date” back in 2009, then to take our engagement photos there in 2014!