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Frosty start to the day. Good thing I finally found a head warmer that keeps my ears nice and toasty. Had to use two hands to take this selfie because my fingers were buried under three layers of gloves!


The chill actually felt sort of refreshing today. Nice and brisk! And somehow it’s supposed to get up into the 60s by Wednesday… I have no idea what this winter is doing.


I also have no idea what my Garmin is doing. It cut my first mile short by about 0.2 (I know the exact landmarks that mark a one-mile radius from my house, because who doesn’t memorize those things) and told me that my first lap came in at 6:56. HA! Good one, satellites.


Clearly something went wonky for the first mile but let’s just pretend that I really am this fast at 35 weeks pregnant :)


Over the weekend I didn’t run outside at all. Snow and ice stopped me!


We got just a wee bit of white stuff on Friday and it lingered around for a few days. I still squeezed in some miles on the treadmill and did TWO prenatal yoga classes over the weekend. One at the YMCA and on the computer! Thanks to Alanna for the Essential Prenatal Yoga online subscription :)


^^ This is a really bad photo, BUT I’m including it because those are the legs of our pack ‘n’ play in the background! We did some serious baby preparation over the weekend and set up a few things just in case she arrives early :) . It’s getting real you guys.

On Saturday night we celebrated Anthony’s birthday! Starting with drinks at our friends’ place. Now that Anthony is older and wiser, his margarita recipe has gotten even better.


Followed by pupusas at a new-to-us hole-in-the-wall. Fabulous find from Tracee and Tony!


La Esquina Pupuseria Salvadorena did not disappoint! Plus I got to brush up on my Spanish skills. Flashback to when we made pupusas by hand over the summer…


The ones we had on Saturday were almost just as good. How can you go wrong with corn, cheese, and oil?


Afterwards we headed to the hispanic bakery we discovered during the InterNASHional food crawl a few months ago! Shelves stacked to the ceiling with buns, cakes, and cookies.


And the ceiling is covered in pinatas!


I’m just going to leave this photo for you right here and see you tomorrow.


  • Was anyone else snowed in for the weekend? (We were, or at least we were by Southern standards!)
  • Mamas: Did you do prenatal yoga before you gave birth? Do you think it helped with labor? (I hear the breathing techniques are helpful?)
  • If you had to eat one baked good every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? (I’d probably go scone)

4 thoughts on “weekend.

  1. It’s getting so close to baby day! (you could have a groundhog day baby or Valentines day!)

    We got only a dusting of snow on Friday, but my brother in law is visiting from Brentwood and had a crazy story where his mustang got stuck so he was walking to wait to be picked up, and he was within feet of getting hit by a truck that slid off the road and flipped upside down. Guy in the truck was ok, but he said it was so terrifying and if he had been walking a little faster it would have hit him…………so scary!

    And baked good: lemon bar or pumpkin bread.

  2. So exciting that you’re getting close. Smart to be prepared. My little one is now a week old and came three weeks early which was a shock! I did yoga daily when pregnant, averaging about twenty minutes a day. I did it more for sanity and stretching /strenth than breathing techniques. I also sat in a squatting position for several minutes a day. Sounds weird, but I had a relatively short labor-12 hours from start to finish and only pushed for twenty so maybe squatting and yoga helped!