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soggy run & soup

Rain run.


Not the prettiest morning, but I’ll take rain over ice any day! I did a short little route through the neighborhood while the sun creeped up ever so slowly. These short winter days are rough, right?


Three easy miles, nothing fancy. Just felt good to get a little bit of fresh air.


And now for some recent eats… hot soup! I’m on a soup kick lately. Can’t get enough of this stuff.


On Sunday I had a flashback of my grandma’s Italian wedding soup and decided to try and recreate it. I mixed Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and The Kitchn’s recipe together and the result was delicious.


Now I just need to perfect my meatball rolling skills! Somehow my grandma made her meatballs so tiny you could easily fit one on a spoon and eat it in a single bite. Mine were a little too big but the flavor was spot on :)


Another soup-er meal this week: Grilled cheese and tomato soup with an Indian twist! I met up with Karman and Jill for lunch at Chauhan Ale & Masala yesterday. This spicy red lentil/tomato blend hit the spot after a cold stroll outside (the restaurant is within walking distance of my office — yay). The pickled tomato was weirdly delicious (#pregnant?). And I’ll just let the cheesy, buttery bread speak for itself.


What’s on your menu today? Looking forward to leftovers for lunch + dinner plus sitting on the couch and catching up on The Bachelor tonight. Can’t wait to see what those crazies do next.

  • Favorite winter meal?
  • Worst condition to run in: ice, severe winds, or heavy rain?
  • Does anyone else think Nick is way too old for these women? He’s 36 you guys!