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early morning notes

Morning! Today started at dark o’clock so that I could run with Katie. Running buddies are worth the early wake-up calls!


It’s been over a week since we ran together so we had lots to catch up on. The miles flew by (in part because she’s a speedster) as we chatted away. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to run during these last weeks of pregnancy, but I’m grateful I’ve made it this far and am still able to run with friends. Now I’m just waiting for my NEW little friend to arrive!


Yesterday we talked about soup. Today let’s talk salads!


This Asian kale salad was on the Cook Smarts menu this week so I thought I’d give it a try. Seared pork chops atop kale massaged in a peanut-soy dressing. Asian pear and salted peanuts for added crunch! I also threw in some quinoa for some staying power. Even though the salad looked pretty, I can’t say it tasted as perfect — I made the classic mistake of overcooking the pork. Still edible, though!


Unfortunately I am not endorsed La Croix, but I think it’s about time they started sponsoring me for all the product placement I do for them :) . What’s your favorite flavor? The more I drink, the more I tend to go back to the classics like lemon and lime. Fun to mix it up with pink grapefruit on occasion, though. (I have a wild life, can’t you tell?)


That’s a wrap! Tomorrow is Friday!

  • Earliest you’ve ever waken up to go for a run?
  • Favorite La Croix flavor?
  • Is it weirdly warm where you live? Today it’s 65 degrees in Nashville and I ran in shorts + t-shirt. So crazy.

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