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Friday the 13th! So far my morning has been pretty lucky — I snagged a lane all to myself at the pool :)


Yes, I’m still swimming! I try to go about once a week if I can. It’s one thing that stuck with me after my eight-week running hiatus a couple months ago. Even though I missed running a lot during that time I’m sort of glad it happened. Learned a lot about cross-training and also realized that life actually can go on, even if your Garmin is dead.

Not much else to share today — hoping we can make it to our favorite Indian restaurant tonight for some chicken tikka and naan!


Until that glorious moment comes, I’ll be filling up on this lovely salad for lunch:


We made crumbed chicken the other night and have been tossing it on top of “clean-out-the-fridge” style salads. Love soups and salads because they’re so forgiving — you can toss in about any sort of protein, vegetable, and grain and it’ll taste good! This one has sundried tomatoes (my favorite), olives, avocado, quinoa, shredded carrots, tomato, and parmesan. Simple olive oil + balsamic dressing.

And the secret to lunch salad success? Make sure you pack it strategically! Flashback to this post which details how to properly layer salad ingredients to avoid sogginess. For anyone kicking off the new year with healthy habits, it might come in handy!


On the opposite side of the spectrum, ice cream consumption has hit an all-time high in our house. Last night I had another scoop-to-scoop competition and Talenti came out on top yet again. It just can’t be beat!


Have a fabulous weekend!

  • What are lessons you’ve learned from taking time off running or some other hobby?
  • Favorite ice cream brand? I’m convinced nothing can beat Talenti. But need to keep the competition going as an excuse to keep eating more Talenti…
  • One thing you’re most looking forward to this weekend?