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Monday! Sad. Let’s pretend it’s still Friday and we’re feasting at at Taj Indian Restaurant…


This place is so good! Anthony and I never get tired of it. He was out of town last week so it was nice to welcome him back with a date at our favorite place.

As for the rest of the weekend, we kept it really low key. The weather was miserable, but at least it wasn’t too cold. Saturday run still happened!


I headed to the park for an easy out-and-back. Lots of other runners out there, despite the ugly skies — I think a lot of people are kicking off their new year’s resolutions! I can always tell who the beginners are because they’re terribly overdressed :)


As for me, I was rocking shorts in January. Baby is like a little space heater for my stomach so I’m never cold.


Six miles, done! I definitely felt the extra added weight on Saturday and took it nice and slow with a few walk breaks. Just glad I could get out there at this point in the journey!.20170114_083926

We spent the rest of the weekend doing errands and hanging out! In between naps and Netflix Anthony and I took our second online birth class. This slide made me happy. Looks like I’ll be just fine 😉


And the car seat is officially locked in and loaded! We are ready to roll. Bring it on.


On Saturday night I cooked salmon while Anthony stirred up some mocktails. San Pelligrino blood orange is definitely in my top 5 sodas list.


Cook Smarts’ miso-butter salmon was excellent! Sides of roasted carrots, pearl couscous, and spinach that needed to be used up. PS if you want three weeks of free Cook Smarts meal plans, here’s your link! It makes me so happy when friends and readers tell me that they signed up :)


The broil function is one of my favorite oven features. So crisp!


Speaking of ovens, I finally took time to photograph a loaf of bread this weekend! The carbtastic chronicles shall return soon!


Just had a slice and heading out for a run now. Catch you guys tomorrow!

  • Favorite Netflix show? We’re currently into 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie
  • How do you meal plan for the week?
  • Do you usually overdress or under-dress for runs? I’m definitely an under-dresser. Hate being too hot on a run!

7 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. Hi Mary, I recently found your blog and I love it! I’m catching up on old posts – thanks for reminding me of the glory that are animal crackers 😊 I’m def an overdresser b/c I’m always sooooo cold when I first start out on my run. Apparently I forget that running will warm me up?!

    Happy Monday!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Oh man, my animal cracker days!! I need to go buy some now. Whole Foods 365 brand ended up being my favorite — so buttery! :)

  2. Lol, yes….It’s 50F & I’m out in my tank & shorts, running by people in tights & long sleeve fleeces, & I do not know how they are not dying. :)

  3. I’m always overdressed because I’m always cold. And no portable space heater for me, unfortunately!
    Just a PSA on the car seat – your police station or local children’s hospital likely offers free car seat checks, to be absolutely positive that it’s installed correctly. You might have already done this, but I’d strongly recommend having someone else check it. I’ve seen babies survive hideous car crashes unscathed thanks to their car seats… And now stepping off my unsolicited advice soapbox. 😉

    • Yes! We’d heard that the fire station does free checks and installations. On my to-do list for this weekend :)

  4. Oh, excellent. Glad to hear that the MPM peanut will be safely ensconced in your vehicle! Enjoy your last few kiddo-free week(s?)!!