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pancakes & a running tech test

Morning! How about we start this post with pancakes.


I’d heard in blogland that Kodiak Cakes were delicious, so when I saw a 5-lb box of the mix at Costco I thought it was a reasonable purchase! Good thing we loved them. The key is cooking them in coconut oil and serving them with bacon :) I think I’ve found my new go-to breakfast…


This morning it’s pouring rain, so I’m glad I got outside yesterday! The weather wasn’t much better but at least we didn’t get drenched.


Anthony and I did a nice five-mile loop through the park. Stopped to say hello to the roosters!


I didn’t scare them away and they gave me their consent to be included in this selfie:


SO the big drama in our house lately has been whether Anthony’s MapMyFitness app is as accurate as my Garmin. I did a test about four years ago comparing the MapMyRun (now MapMyFitness) app vs. Garmin and the app was off by almost a half mile!

Since then, smartphones must have come a long way. Yesterday he ran with his app while I ran alongside him wearing my Garmin. The results weren’t a perfect match, but not so bad! And I don’t mind shaving off six seconds per mile :)


Next time maybe I’ll run with the app on my own phone (so that the test is even more accurate) and see what happens. I know the suspense is killing you, but you’ll have to wait a few days to find out the results of test #2 :)

  • What do you use to measure your run pace/distance?
  • Ever tried Kodiak cakes?
  • Most random wildlife you’ve ever spotted on the run?


6 thoughts on “pancakes & a running tech test

  1. Unfortunately, I’m currently confined to the treadmill for all of my runs so it measures my pace and distance. But, when I can run outside, I use my Garmin.

    Most random wildlife sighting on a run = buffalo (in Colorado), although they were in fenced-in area so I’m not sure that counts as “wildlife”…?!

    Those pancakes look seriously yum! I haven’t tried Kodiak cakes, but I keep hearing about them so maybe I should.

  2. I want to try Kodiak cakes…………maybe I can find them at Whole Foods? Not sure where to get them….
    I use the Nike app on my IPOD………..I don’t have a smartphone (and actually like that I don’t-ha!) and I inherited my IPOD from the lost and found at work. It came with the Nike app installed so I use it. Sometimes it is off a bit, but I can hit re-calibrate and it is usually fine for a while. I think when I run in the more remote areas or when it hasn’t updated in a while is the only time it gets “off” and it is never more than 0.25 miles off so it’s pretty accurate. When I raced the Franklin 1/2 thru the hills of Leipers Fork it was really off (a whole mile off) but that course messes with everyone’s GPS.

    Random wildlife sightings: crazy raccoon (I was scared of him bc he was not right and was out in midday), two turkeys, lots of deer (including a large buck), red tailed hawk, groundhogs, great blue herons out the wazoo, and alpacas (the farm in Leipers Fork).

    • And on the riverwalk in Chatt. we have seen so many animals! We bike a lot and have seen baby geese, baby killdeer with its parents (super cool bird with tiny toothpick thin legs, and the babies are so cute!) and even a massive snapping turtle in a parking lot! We think she was crossing it to lay eggs somewhere…………she walked like a dinosaur!

  3. I trust my Garmin over MapMyFitness b/c the Garmin matches race distances almost exactly. I’ve found that MapMyFitness seems to inflate my mileage by 5%. But I still use both, I find the difference endlessly entertaining.

    • haha yes! mapmyfitness seemed a bit generous on time and pace. i would never use it for a race but for a regular weekday run it seems acceptable. #GarminOrDie

  4. We used to have that same drama at our house, then we both got Garmins. Now we have found that the Garmins while close, never record the same distance while they are in the pocket of my hoodie either.