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pregnancy drinks: 10 non-alcoholic favorites

What’s on your happy hour menu lately?


I’ve been booze-free for EIGHT whole months now, and in the meantime have discovered a handful of fizzy (non-alcoholic) favorites. Here are my top 10!


Dry Soda: Not too sweet, and a ton of fun flavors! Lavender and cucumber are my favorites.

Spendrift: Super simple — just sparkling water with a splash of real juice. Love these more than La Croix and would buy them more often if they were cheaper!

Reed’s Premium Ginger Brew: One of the best “big box” ginger ales I’ve found. You can buy Reed’s at almost any grocery store. I always keep some on hand — not only for pregnancy mocktails, but also in case of tummy aches!

POM juice: This is a fun non-alcoholic “mixer.” Add a splash to club soda and garnish with a slice of lime or orange. Just like the real deal 😉

San Pellegrino: All of the SP sodas are tasty, but blood orange is my favorite of all. These sodas are a little on the sweeter side, so I like to mellow them out a bit with plain sparkling water.

La Croix: If you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you know we are La Croix addicts! We drink La Croix nonstop. It’s a great go-to drink if you want something fizzy with a bit of flavor.

Maine Root Ginger Brew: This one is hard to find, but if you’re able to track it down I highly recommend it! We stumbled across it at Aldi. It’s packed with ginger and has a spicy, thick flavor.

IZZE: Another favorite big brand drink. Clementine is probably my favorite, though grapefruit is good too! Similar to SP, I like to mix IZZE with some plain soda water.

Lurisia sparkling water: My fanciest pick! I just discovered this drink recently and loved it. It’s a high-end sparkling Italian water with a hint of not-too-sweet lemon flavor. Tasted great in January, but I’d really love to sip this in the summer!

Trader Joe’s triple ginger brew: Another bold, spicy ginger ale! The oversized bottle is perfect for sharing and comes at a reasonable price. I’d say it’s on par with Reed’s, but a little less sweet.

I hope these non-alcoholic recommendations help other moms-to-be enjoy happy hour a little more. If you have another soda or sparkly drink to add to the list, let me know in the comments. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “pregnancy drinks: 10 non-alcoholic favorites

  1. Good options! When I was pregnant, I missed wine SOOO much. I thoroughly enjoyed my first glass post-baby…and continue to enjoy it on the regular :)