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drizzly run & mystery dinner

Nashville hasn’t seen the sun in weeks! I don’t know what’s going on with this weather.


I made it out for some dreary miles yesterday. On the plus side, it’s warm enough to wear shorts — which is a good thing because I only have one pair of leggings that fits! :)

Street furniture. You can find this fine sofa/chair duo on Riverside Drive!


AND pick up a free stove on Sharpe Street. Get it while it’s hot?


Five miles with the bump! We’re nearing the end of 36 weeks… my next run could be my last (pre-baby) run at any point! Ahhhh!


Speaking of motherhood, this week I had a dinner date with my mom at TKO, a new restaurant in East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood. 


Fizzy drink for me! I included Lurisia on my list yesterday :)


TKO mixes Chinese and Southern flavors and we had no idea what to expect. This feeling was intensified when we decided to order the “mystery dinner for two.” Every dish was a surprise!

First up was a savory, spicy rice pudding:


Then a delicious apple, cabbage, and shallot salad. I think this was our favorite. So fresh!


Some greens and turnips which were a bit bitter…


Followed by the main events: Orange soy roast chicken and a fluffy veggie fried rice. Yum.


If you’re in the neighborhood and looking for something a little different, give TKO a try! I thought it was a fun place.

And fun is the focus of the weekend. I have two of my best friends flying in this weekend and a baby shower coming up. See you guys Monday!

  • Locals: Have you tried TKO? Thoughts?
  • Do you like trying new things, or do you order the same thing every time at restaurants?
  • Moms: Do you remember your final pre-baby run?

One thought on “drizzly run & mystery dinner

  1. No sun for weeks in Pittsburgh either…ugh!

    Your dinner looks delish! I love trying new things when I go to new restaurants. But when I go to the same restaurant often, I usually get the same thing b/c I end up craving it once I’m there.

    I had an extremely complicated pregnancy, so I couldn’t run at all. Such a bummer. But, I remember my first run post-baby and it was AWESOME!!!