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Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was the best. Because I had best friends in town!


And because I got to eat cupcakes at almost every meal. Alanna and Meredith made the big trip down south to party with a bunch of girls at my baby shower. Pink everything! Plus a little bit of green in the form of kale. :)


My sister, sister-in-law, and mom put on such a wonderful celebration. We spent hours playing games, opening gifts, and talking all things baby. Can’t wait till the big day comes! If you know how to change a diaper please send me your tips.


Since Alanna and Meredith were only here for 48 hours, we packed as much as we could into their stay. Starting with a stroll in the park…


and then a stroll in the streets! We went down to Broadway for some live music and honky tonkin’.


And a stop at Pinewood Social for some fancy drinks. This was one of the spiciest ginger beers I’ve had in the past eight months — it had some serious bite!


Saturday night we headed off to dinner with Anthony and closed out the evening at The Soda Parlor. This ice cream/soda shop just opened so I was eager to give it a try. Can’t go wrong with a mountain of sugar.


Sunday brought more rain and grey skies, but we made it out for one last walk together!


I also did a little jog and definitely felt pregnant for all three miles. Baby is getting big.


And she’s craving spicy food. We wrapped up the trip with some famous Nashville hot chicken at Bolton’s, which you might recognize from a recent episode of Parts Unknown!


This place doesn’t mess around when it comes to cayenne. We were in tears.


Tears of pain and tears of joy. Thanks Alanna and Meredith for being such good friends and coming down to celebrate!

  • Nashvillians: Best hot chicken in town?
  • Pregnant people: At what point did you definitely feel pregnant?
  • Tell me about your weekend run!

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  1. You’re probably off with a baby right now, but just catching up, I wanted to share about Slow Burn in Madison. They’re worth the trip! Good luck in your final days of pregnancy/taking home your baby girl!