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tough run + table for 3

Greetings! Hope you all have recovered from the DRAMATIC episode of The Bachelor last night.


^^ Crumbed chicken, salad, and mashed sweet potatoes on TV trays. Lots of ice cream to wash the crazy down :)

In other news, yesterday Anthony and I went for a run and it was tough.


Over the past few days I’ve started feeling really pregnant. There’s no other word I can really use to describe the feeling — other adjectives that come to mind are uncomfortable, tired, huge, and slow. Early last week I felt totally fine running, but this week it’s a struggle. I’m not really upset or anything that my pace and energy has tanked in the past few days — actually, I was surprised this didn’t happen sooner! — but it’s just interesting to me how it seemed to happen almost overnight. Perhaps baby shifted position or had a major growth spurt recently.


And we’re only 2.5 short weeks (or maybe even days?!) away from my due date so it’s all good. In the meantime I also have Anthony who will tie my shoe for me so I don’t have to bend down :)


Usually I’d run to the end of the street and back to make it to a solid 4, but I was so over this run that I didn’t care. Sorry, satellites!


In an effort to make up for all the grey, dreary running photos I’ve had lately (when will Nashville ever see the sun?!), here’s a colorful dinner:


When Alanna was in town over the weekend we stayed in and cooked one night! On the menu was arctic char, which we bought on a whim at the store. Have you ever eaten this fish? We didn’t know what to do with it but found some recipes online to help come up with a game plan. Roasted brussel sprouts, pearl couscous, and a salad on the side! Lots of green.


Table for three. Plus vino and ginger beer!


Off to ask Anthony to help tie my shoes again so I can head out the door and get this day started. See you on the flip side!

  • Ever eaten arctic char?
  • Did you watch the Bachelor last night? Corinne?!!
  • Moms/pregnant ladies: At what point in your pregnancy did you start feeling really uncomfortable?

5 thoughts on “tough run + table for 3

  1. I keep telling my husband I can either breathe or tie my shoes. They do not happen at the same time anymore! I’ve definitely hit that point where I feel REALLY pregnant while I’m running too. And it was basically overnight for me too. One day I was fine, the next it was like it was this huge struggle and I felt huge, slow and unmotivated! At least walking is still feeling good!

    • Haha! Yes. I have to put my feet up on a step or chair in order to get my shoes on. Slip-ons are a dream. Best of luck with your last few weeks! Homestretch!

  2. I had a really “easy” pregnancy – until I had about two weeks left to my due date when I also said “I am really feeling pregnant this week” Then my daughter came 10 days early 😉

    • We’re on the same page! 10 days early for me will be next Friday… would love if she came early so we can meet her asap!

  3. I love Arctic char! Pretty similar to salmon but often MUCH cheaper and available when environmentally responsible salmon is not. Our costco often has giant slabs of it for cheap. So good!