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circle run & city house

We finally saw a sliver of sun here in Nashville! I caught it on camera:


But I didn’t catch Anthony. While he did sprints, I did some easy jogging around the track.


Three miles and still (barely) under a nine-minute pace! Other than feeling big and slow, I actually felt pretty good on this run.


Later that day Anthony and I changed out of track clothes and work clothes for fancy date night! I’ve been wanting to try City House in Germantown for a long time so we figured we’d check it off the list while I still have time to do my hair and before we have a baby in tow :)

Ginger/pomegranate/lemon. I’m Nashville’s top mocktail connoisseur at this point.


When we made it to our table, we shared a handful of apps and an entree. Our favorite dish was obviously the PIZZA:


Though we also really liked this farinata “salad,” which had a chickpea-pancake base!


As for our other dishes, we weren’t totally jazzed about them. Anthony thought this one had the consistency of baby food and I have to admit it didn’t photograph too nicely:


Overall I thought the food was okay and Anthony thought most of it was terrible! Ha. So unfortunately I can’t recommend City House to you fine people. I can recommend Talenti, though, which is how we ended our night :)


Tomorrow is Friday!

  • Locals: Have you been to City House? Like it or didn’t like it?
  • Last time you felt really good on a run?
  • Favorite pizza topping?!

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