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elephant run + weekend snapshots

Monday sun-day! Finally some color in the sky. It was 28 degrees when I set out but I’ll take cold and clear over warm and grey any day.


The Marine Corps Marathon shirt is by far the ugliest item in my closet but I LOVE it. The little half turtleneck is so warm and the inside is lined with fleece. Sure, it makes me look like a boxy, bumpy elephant on the run but who cares? Pairs well with a lime green head lamp.


Remember when I ran MCM back in 2013? That was a good race. Also when I was going through my running bun (not ponytail) phase, an important time in my running career.


Anyways. Today’s run was nowhere near 26.2 miles, but I still felt accomplished at the end. We are officially at 38 weeks pregnant (yikes!) and this run actually felt pretty good!


So, how was your weekend? Ours was super low key. We hung around the neighborhood and made it outside for a nice walk on Saturday. After days of grey I got to pull out my sunglasses!


I also fit in two prenatal yoga classes, both of which transitioned from shavasana to shower to full-time naps :) Getting all the sleep while I can!


Our biggest adventure of the weekend was to one of our favorite pupusarias on Friday. If you can find this hidden gem in Woodbine then you’ve found gold.


Corn flour patties stuffed with beans, cheese, chorizo, and more cheese. $2.50 each. Very fancy.


And an order of fried plaintains, fresh off the griddle! We had to wait a good 10 minutes to eat them because they were sizzling hot.


In other news, your running pet peeves in the comments the other day were hilarious! Totally going to do a post dedicated to that topic this week :). Have a good one!

  • Ever had a pupusa?
  • Mommas: Did you do prenatal yoga? Did it help?
  • Ugliest race shirt you own?

One thought on “elephant run + weekend snapshots

  1. I have my MCM shirt from 2014 and it’s definite the ugliest shirt I’ve gotten from a race: it is brown! Like a very icky color brown! It’s sad because I never want to wear it because of the color, but it’s so warm! Fortunately I also have my shirt from 2015, which is a respectable red color and much better to wear.