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another day of deep discussion

Sun is up!


And I’m feeling just about as large as the sun itself. Even though I felt great on my run yesterday, today a walk seemed like a much better idea :)  I can’t cover nearly as much ground walking as I can running, but don’t worry — I still was able to find some street furniture for you during my short stroll.


I’m a walking machine this week! Yesterday evening I walked to and from The Gulch neighborhood on a beautiful night:


Destination was the swanky LA Jackson bar, where I met my friend Liz for happy hour! The bartender stirred up some mocktail magic for me. Something involving pomegranate, ginger, and lemon. I’ve found that a lot of bartenders get really excited to invent mocktails when I ask them to. Maybe they get tired of mixing up the same cocktails all the time?


Fun fact: Liz and I have been friends for more than 20 years! I think we started hanging out at about age 5. So fun to catch up with her.


Another lifelong friend: My mom, obviously. She came over last night to watch another DRAMATIC, EPIC episode of The Bachelor and made chicken posole soup for us. Yum.


In other food news from my counter, I spotted organic shells and cheese at Aldi the other day for about $2 a box and wondered: Could they possibly be as good as Annie’s organic shells and cheese, one of my favorite foods for the past nine months (at $4 a box)? I’m excited to announce that the answer is YES. That means you can eat twice as many shells and cheese for the same price. Looks like my meal plan is set for the week.


Yet another day of deep discussion here on the blog. Time to head to my now-weekly doctor’s appointment and get this day started!

  • Bachelor nation: What is Taylor going to do in the next episode?!
  • Mac ‘n’ cheese: Shells or tubes? Orange or white cheese?
  • Longest time you’ve been friends with someone?

6 thoughts on “another day of deep discussion

  1. I really feel like more Bachelor contestants should take the “I’ll leave, but I’m taking you down with me” approach to the show.

    Also you’ll have to excuse me because I have no one to discuss the show with and I have burning questions BUT: Do you think that Corinne’s speech is just kind of….like that? Or is she so drunk that she’s slurring ALL THE TIME?

    • you have to find a bachelor friend, it’s too much to keep bottled up inside!! i think corinne is totally putting on an act (with a fake accent/personality) to get maximum screen time and it’s totally working! and i also think she is drunk most of the time. ha.

  2. I prefer shells, but can’t decide which cheese. I wonder if this is one case where the aldi ones are actually the same shells as annie’s, just packed under different names. They do that all the time. We toured a major dairy before, and you could clearly see them packaging their milk in yellow bottles, but they also pack some in clear and (while they tried to hide it) you could see walmart labels going on there. I wonder if you are actually getting the annie’s noodles just labeled differently. Just a theory.

    Any day now for baby-so exciting!!

    • i will have to do a very close side-by-side comparison to see! perhaps they are from the same manufacturer!