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my top 10 running pet peeves

I know we bloggers try to keep the internet a positive place, but I’m letting you know that today’s post is 100% a negative runner’s rant! One that hopefully you other runners can relate to, or at least laugh a little bit about.

Since we started discussing running pet peeves the other day I thought the topic deserved a full post. Here are 10 running pet peeves that make me hang my head in sorrow for all us runners just trying to get in a good workout.

1. Runners who get in the wrong race corral. I can get pretty annoyed on an everyday run, but when it comes to racing I get REALLY annoyed if things (like other runners) are in my way! I think it’s fine to shift up a corral or two to make sure you don’t get slowed down at the start line… but it’s NOT okay to run a 12-minute mile with a stroller and put yourself in Corral #1. Weaving around walkers and slow pokes during the first mile of a race is the worst. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
2. Unleashed dogs. For some reason this is a much bigger issue in Nashville than in was in DC. So many unleashed dogs around here! I hate being chased by them, no matter how cute and harmless they might seem.
3. Drivers blindly turning right. Nothing scarier than seeing your life flash before you as a driver blindly turns right and you’re coming straight at them from the other direction. I’m always extra cautious around cars pulling out and turning right because typically the driver only looks left. One time I actually got nudged by a guy pulling out of a parking garage (luckily no injuries!).
4. Speedy cyclists. Ugh, the tension between runners and cyclists can get pretty intense out there! Although we should love each other, sometimes sharing the same paths can get a little uncomfortable. I hate when they sneak up on me without ringing a bell or saying anything, come up right behind me, and whiz by within centimeters of my head. Not cool.
5. Sidewalk-scrapers. Those people that plant bushes that take up half the sidewalk. I have to run on the street because of a plant? Seriously?
6. Headphone runners. Not all headphone runners are evil, but the ones that decide to blast their music and run in the dead center of the street are! Dangerous for everyone involved. If you want to zone out and blast your music, take it to the treadmill.
7. Extra-long-leashed dogs. And another thing about dogs. Walking your dog with 20 feet of leash taking up the sidewalk is also not okay. In DC I remember jumping over a number of extra-long leashes that extended across the entire pathway!
8. Broken water fountains. Broken water fountains break my heart. It’s the worst in the summer, of course! And then sometimes the city turns off bubblers in the fall/winter and they never put out any formal announcements beforehand. I expect a handwritten note from the parks service announcing the news.
9. Human walls. Human walls = groups people who decide to go on a walk or run together in horizontal rows of 5+ people wide, linking arms so that nobody can pass them. Very cute for them but so incredibly inconsiderate. I’m not here to play Red Rover with you people. I’m here to run!
10. Crosswalk drivers. Some drivers seem to think that the big striped crosswalks are for cars, not people. They pull up to an intersection and park RIGHT where I need to run. I like to jog on by and give them a nice little slap on the hood plus a nasty look. Have a great day!
And there! I said it. All the things I don’t like about the world when it gets in the way of my perfect morning run :)
What are your running pet peeves? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “my top 10 running pet peeves

  1. Just wait and see how much more annoying #1 gets when you are trying to do a race with your running stroller at a sub 8 minute pace and all the walkers and slow runners get in front of you. Super super super annoying!!

  2. I agree with all of these. Just yesterday I had to get around a cute and nice dog but was on a retractable leash and the owners did not realize that the wider I went left trying to pass them, the wider their dog went to see me. I had to stop and say “excuse me” really loud and rudely but I didn’t care………….so inconsiderate. Took me 2 miles into my run to get over being frustrated. I was faster for those 2 miles though!

  3. Plastic cups at races. Also, races that are of a substantially different distance than advertised (here’s looking at you 2.5-mile-5k).

  4. You forgot crop dusters. Runners World mentioned this in this month’s issue. It’s a serious problem.;) And not to mention down right RUDE. (cough, cough)

  5. I’m with you on a couple of these. Especially the one about the wrong race corral. Why do I cross the starting line and already run into walkers? Also, I now have a major problem with unleashed dogs. About a week and a half ago I was on a walk and an unleashed neighborhood dog actually bit my leg, hard. I had a massive bruise, and this was just a 20-pound dog. I can’t imagine if it were a big one!

    • Ugh, what?! That’s awful — sorry to hear about that! These people and their dogs. Also, people and their strollers in Corral #1.

  6. Can I add people that don’t shovel their sidewalks? Luckily it’s been a mild winter so far, but its awful running on sidewalks with snow and potential ice hiding underneath. This leads to street running (or treadmill running), which is not ideal!! Shovel your sidewalks people!

    • Ugh, yes of course! We don’t get much snow in TN so I didn’t even think of that one. Shame on those non-shovelers.

  7. I have so many pet peeves! I wrote a pet peeves post including my general pet peeves in life, travel pet peeves, running pet peeves, UGH!! LOL. I love it.

  8. OMG, human walls and those stallers at the start line are the WORST. I hate it when you’re running a short race (5-10K) and there aren’t corrals because it inevitably takes five minutes to get out of the gate what with all the novices who clutter the start line.