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running, walking & eating all things beef

A good sunrise makes an early morning run worth it, even when you’re running through a parking lot :)


Today was a special run! I met up with Christie aka Chris, who is part of Team Beef Northeast and is in town for the Beef Council’s big convention. (In case you forgot, I’m part of Team Beef Tennessee!) Beef enthusiasts unite. 

Since she didn’t have a car and we were short on time, a quick run around the Opryland hotel/mall/convention center parking lots and side streets was the easiest route we could think of on a busy weekday morning. Whatever works!


We covered a little over two miles together and I tacked on a bit more for an even 3.5. I felt surprisingly good on this run and have realized that my tighter running leggings seem to keep my bump a lot more comfortable than shorts or looser capris. #pregnancytip


Speaking of Team Beef, I don’t think I mentioned last week that we got together for a group run! Here’s part of the crew and our new adorable mascot:


We joined the Franklin Road Runners and most people did the 3-6 mile running route. Tracy and I walked!

And since this post is about all things beef, we might as well keep the theme going with MEATLOAF:


I know meatloaf grosses some people out but I love it. It’s just a giant meatball, you guys! Nothing to be afraid of. When I saw meatloaf on the Cook Smarts menu this week I got so excited. This recipe includes carrots, chard, and onions in the mix with ground beef so it’s got some veggie power too.

The best part of meatloaf is the glaze. Mmmm.


Simple salad + Aldi mac ‘n’ cheese on the side! Can’t get enough of this stuff. Per a comment from Loribeth the other day, I will be doing a very scientific side-by-side comparison of Annie’s vs. Aldi. Will keep you posted!


Have a fabulous day!

  • Are most of your weekday runs scenic or not so pretty?
  • Meatloaf: Wonderful or weird?
  • Favorite boxed/bagged ready-to-make food?