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parenthood post #1

Hi! I’m still here! It’s just that my hands have been too busy with a baby to type up a blog post lately :)


First impressions of parenthood: So amazing. So exhausting! But such an incredible experience that I’m still in awe of. You really can’t put it into words. And really, you don’t have time to :). Nursing, diapering, swaddling, and snuggling has been a 24/7 operation over the past two weeks. I never really believed people when they told me I wouldn’t have time to shower with a newborn. After many missed showers over the past 14 days, I totally understand now!

The second best thing to having a baby is having a support team to help. Anthony was able to take some time off of work, is doing a great job as a dad, and has mastered the art of swaddling. My mom came and stayed with us last week, holding down the kitchen and also holding Alice so that I could sneak in a couple hours of sleep! Here’s just one of many meals she cooked (yes, it’s been nice to have a glass of wine here and there :) )


On top of that, we’ve had a bunch of friends stop by with flowers, meals, and (most importantly for me) company and conversation. Since we left the hospital I’ve basically been home bound so it’s been nice to have guests come bring news and treats from the outside world :)


I have made it outside a few times for a walk, though! Luckily the weather has been nice too. That’s a tree in bloom behind me — is this a sign of early spring?!


Side note: We’ve really loved the Uppababy Vista stroller in case anyone is in the market. The suspension leaves a bit to be desired on the bumpy East Nashville sidewalks but the bassinet attachment is awesome! Perfect for newborns. I haven’t examined the running stroller market yet but if you have recommendations let me know in the comments section :)

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Also for the comments section: What do you want me to write about over the next few weeks? I obviously won’t be running for some time and scenes from my rocking chair might get old after a while :) Hoping to pop in at least once a week for the next month or so, and then maybe we’ll be back running and on a regular schedule sometime in March or April. Thanks for following along!

21 thoughts on “parenthood post #1

  1. Ah!!! I am so happy for you guys! She is adorable! It looks like you’re feeling well, which is so nice to hear! You know, I always enjoy reading about random street furniture. You’ll probably still see some from your walks! 😉 Haha! Have a great week!

  2. When you come up for air, how about a post on your opinion on marathon or delivery? or should it be first marathon to first delivery?

    I have a Bob stroller with a front wheel that spins, but can be locked, it’s 7 year old now. It’s worked great for everyday use and for the 1-2 5k or 5m races I did with it every year. Rarely did I take for a training run, unless nothing else worked for nap time. At this point I have nothing to compare it to since I have no idea what’s on the market.

    Enjoy the little one.

    • definitely drafting a post comparing the two experiences, if that’s what you’re suggesting! thanks for the stroller tips! bobs seem to be very popular for tougher terrains. will probably get one in a few months!

  3. Congratulations!

    And certainly to pressure to post (enjoy that baby time), but I would love to hear about any TV/movies/podcasts/books or general pop culture that you end up consuming/zoning out on (if any).

  4. So exciting girl!!! You have a beautiful family & I am loving hearing how you are doing! Glad you have family nearby to help as well!! Alice is one lucky lady. Has recovery been hard or easy? Would love to know how the body feels getting back to normal!

  5. I’d just love to hear about daily life with a newborn and how you are recovering. Also, did you feel that staying so active during pregnancy made your labor easier?

    Congrats on the little cutie!

  6. Happy to hear from you again! Our little one is 7 weeks old now (her middle name is Alice!) and I agreed with the shower thing. Having people cook and let you nap is seriously the most helpful thing in the beginning! Would love to still hear from you about daily life, plans for your running future, and updates on your little one.

    We have the BOB revolution stroller, it is great for walks now as we have the carseat adaptor and it can handle the ruddy gravel and a bit of snow/ice here in Vermont…still can’t run with her until she has head control but I am certain the stroller will be great for running. I got a good deal from Amazon!

  7. So glad all is well! I’d love to hear about your daily life/routine with the new baby and also your daily eats b/c they always look so YUM!

    One thing I definitely do NOT want to hear about is anything “body after baby”/diet related. This is very personal to me b/c I’m struggling to recover from anorexia. But, one reason I read your blog on the regular is b/c you seem to have a healthy relationship with food/exercise/your body and a very non-diet/restrictive mentality. And I hope that continues :)

    • body after baby! ha. no, not planning any before/after photos or weigh-in recaps :). i am curious to see what it will physically feel like to run again after giving birth and taking six weeks off, so i’ll probably write about that soon! best of luck with your journey!

      • Thank you :) Look forward to hearing about your journey with getting back into running after some time off. I had an extremely complicated pregnancy and couldn’t run at all while I was pregnant. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t take as long as I thought to get back into my former running shape. I bet you’ll be similar :)

  8. I’m so impressed you made time for any post! If you don’t have time for the next few weeks, no one is going to blame you. If it comes down to shower v. blog, please shower. :-) I really feel like there was no way to know exactly how hard newborns are until you’re there. If anything makes it more bearable, maybe share that for future mamas looking at blogs?

  9. Soak in this time and any sleep, downtime and alone time you get! We’ll all still be here when you feel like writing. Enjoy your babe!

  10. Congratulations!!!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I was always impressed of how much energy you have. I was sure that your pregnancy and giving birth would go well and I also could have bet you would go for an unmedicated birth. I didn’t have a baby so far and that’s why I’m always curious. I love reading anything babyrelated. I will also come back and read, if you decide to take a break for many months. Enjoy this precious time and try to get some rest as much as possible.