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checking in

Hello! I’ve missed you. We’ve had some amazingly beautiful days here in Nashville over the past week!


And some nice nights, too. I’ve been awake at all hours with the little one. I used to brag about being an early bird, but now I have officially earned a Night Owl badge from Audible! Listening to audio books and music has been one of my go-to tactics for staying awake while nursing in the wee morning hours.


My mom skills are getting better and better though, and I’ve had enough energy to squeeze in stroller walks on most days. I have a doctor’s appointment coming up and am hoping to get the all-clear to run again soon. In the meantime, walking has helped keep me active and somewhat sane!


Look Mom, no hands :)


I’ve even strapped on my Garmin a few times to keep detailed stats on Alice’s mileage. She’ll be smashing Strava records in no time.


I could keep the stroller photos coming, but I think three is enough for one post. Here’s some street furniture for a change! Lovely old rug rolling around Benjamin Street if you are interested.


If you can’t tell already, life with a four-week old doesn’t extend much farther than a two-mile radius from my rocking chair. Luckily there is a brewery located just down the street! Anthony and I mustered up the courage to venture out the other evening with baby in tow. I even changed out of my sweatpants for the occasion. (Side note, it’s been awesome to wear non-maternity clothes again. Like I inherited a whole new wardrobe!)


On the food front, we’re still enjoying lots of gifted meals from friends and family which has been a huge blessing because I have zero time to chop a vegetable or peel a piece of fruit. Here’s what breakfast looks like when your mom moves in for the week:


I didn’t eat deli meat during my pregnancy and have been on a major sandwich kick since we left the hospital. You can call me the cold cut queen.


The secret ingredient to the perfect sandwich = crusty bread. Luckily it only takes 30 minutes or less of hands-on work to make a fresh loaf in the bread machine :)


Thank you all for your comments on the past few posts, by the way! I’ll be sure to pop back in soon to chat more about post-labor recovery, what’s coming up on the running front, and life in general. I can hear nap time coming to a close as I type this sentence, so I’m hitting publish now. See you soon!

One thought on “checking in

  1. Super impressive that you ventured out with a newborn! That bread looks delicious. Look forward to hearing about your post-labor recovery and getting back into running…when your body is ready of course :) Meanwhile, enjoy nesting with your little one!