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this week’s odds & ends

It’s Friday already! Sorry this week almost slipped by without a post :). You can bet I’ll be back to my usual once-a-day schedule in mid-April, when we settle into a brand new routine (details on that later!). For now, here are a few odds and ends to share from the past week. 


Beautiful running weather! I’ve been getting back into the fitness game slowly, going out for a 3-5 mile jog every other day.


BTW, I’m still loving my Saucony Kinvaras. It’ll be time to replace them in a month or two… should I stick with this current crush, bounce back to my first true loves (Brooks Pure line), or venture out and try something new?!

One footwear brand I won’t ever stray from is Swiftwick! I busted out my pretty peach socks for spring.


Street furniture sightings are going strong as we enter peak moving/spring cleaning season. If this warm weather is making you sweat, cool off during your run with this lovely ceiling fan.


I’m still not quite sure how I’m hitting these paces after 5 weeks of no exercise, but perhaps my body treated its post-labor recovery period as one giant taper? :) Plus I’m carrying 15+ fewer pounds now that I don’t have another human inside of me so that probably helps the legs turn over a little faster!


And yes, those are shorts you see!  I may have adjusted the color tones in this photo to mask my winter-white legs.


On my non-running days I’ve been squeezing in 20-40 minute at-home workouts during nap time. My prenatal yoga career had lingering benefits as I hate yoga a little less now and even sometimes look forward to a sun salutation or two. Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their yoga mat?

Side notes: Diaper boxes make great balance blocks. And I had sleep-deprived online shopping binge the other night while nursing baby A in the wee hours. I scored this New Balance top from Amazon for $13 and these leggings from Nordstrom Rack for $28! #treatyoself 


On the food front, we’ve been spoiled with meals from my mom and mother-in-law! The most cooking I’ve done lately is boiling noodles for boxed mac ‘n’ cheese, which is still going strong as my top craving. Since I’m a connoisseur I feel confident stating that Aldi and Annie’s are the best brands.


One night my mom-in-law and I made a Cook Smarts recipe — a simple pasta with broccoli and chickpeas that came together in minutes.


For lunch this week I’ve been throwing together salads with bits and pieces from our fridge. Including crunchy fennel and fresh homemade bread!


Here’s how to eat, watch TV, and babysit at the same time: 


(^^ BTW, that’s Big Little Lies playing — anyone else watching this show? I’m hooked!)

Yesterday’s lunch was extra special. My sweet friends Christy and Kristen brought over gyros and hung out with Alice and me for a few hours. Girl party!


Let me wrap up this post with some wisdom from Rosepepper that I came across on my run the other day:


Speaking of sheets, it’s about time I take advantage of this quiet time and take a nap! I’ll be back Monday with some big news! :)

  • Can you actually fold a fitted sheet? My mom can do it perfectly but I don’t understand how. Must come with years of laundry experience.
  • Yoga: Love it or hate it? I usually don’t like it but have been enjoying it for the past six months or so.
  • Favorite shoe brand? I go back and forth between Brooks, Saucony, and Mizuno. On my no-no list are Nike and New Balance. 

3 thoughts on “this week’s odds & ends

  1. I hate folding fitted sheets and usually just ball it up and stick it in the linen closet. :) I don’t even like putting them on the bed. I just started running in Altra shoes, they’re zero drop but have more cushion. so far I really like them!

  2. I just roll the fitted sheets-ha! Not worth the frustration. I haven’t tried yoga exactly, just a few recommended stretches. I should give it a try. Those are my three favorite shoes, too! I have a pair of each now:) Nikes are too narrow, and I like New Balance but only for everyday wear, not working out or running. I want to try the Altra shoes………….maybe one day!

    And you are hitting amazing paces! I wish I was that fast:)

  3. Learning to fold fitted sheets is just not worth my time:) I’m impressed with your salad making skills at lunch. I have such memories of wearing an infant during the lunchtime scream session while little bits of the crunchy Nature Valley granola bar I was trying to scarf down (breastfeeding made me so ravenous! Like I actually gained a couple pounds after giving birth bc it made me sooo hungry!) fell into her hair. Those days! 😍😢😂💗😳