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we’re moving back to DC!

Monday news report: We’re MOVING! Long-time readers will remember that Anthony and I lived in DC until 2014. Well, we’ve packed our bags and are heading back!


We weren’t planning on moving anytime soon (especially now that we have a newborn), but Anthony was offered a really great job that we couldn’t turn down.


His new office will be near Dulles airport, so we’ll be living in an area called Ashburn which is in northern Virginia — about 30-40 minutes from the White House! (Not that we’re in any huge rush to visit that particular spot right now, ha.)


We’ve actually known about this move since November (remember our random trip to DC in the fall? We were house hunting!) but I wanted to wait until the baby arrived and we finalized our housing situation to announce it here. After seeing Ashburn we knew that this area was the perfect fit for us. I even did a trial run with the Asburn Running Club and am excited to join a new crew! Don’t worry, I’ll still make time to run with my old friends at DC Road Runners, too…


We’ve settled on a new house that will be completed in a few weeks and will be living in a short-term apartment until then. I’ve already checked out a couple of moms’ clubs in the area and am excited to be only a mile or two away from the gorgeous W&OD trail.


Though I’m thrilled to move back to an area I love, it goes without saying (but I’m saying it anyways) that I’m crushed to leave Nashville — my hometown, family headquarters, and a city that’s growing and changing in such a positive way.


To say this move is bittersweet is an understatement. We’ve loved living in Music City and will be back to visit friends and family regularly!  I’ll need to get my hot chicken fix and baby A will need to soak up grandma snuggles at least once a quarter :)


So, that’s the big news. Chapter 2 of our DC life kicks off next week when we head up north to start a new adventure. And if you’ve got tips for flying with a newborn, please share in the comments section :)

15 thoughts on “we’re moving back to DC!

  1. How exciting! DC has missed you. Can’t wait to read about your running life as a mom once you’re back in the DMV area. My 10-month old daughter — also named Alice! — has definitely changed my running experience here.

    Good luck with the move! For the airplane, our Alice found the drink cups to be a *very* exciting and distracting toy. :)

  2. Congrats on the move! We have several friends in that area, and it is very young family friendly!

    For air travel, I highly recommend wearing baby Alice in a carrier (ergo, whatever). You can be hands free through the airport (you can even wear her through security!).

  3. So exciting! I have some good friends that just moved to Aldie (which I think is fairly close) and they love it there. Such a pretty area!

  4. Good luck with the move! So exciting!
    I’m sure lots of moms will give this advice, but I’ll go ahead — if you are nursing, nurse on take-off and landing — that’s said to help with their ears! This also put my baby to sleep for most of our flights when he was very young.

  5. My baby flying advise is to time feedings for take off and landing. This will release the cabin pressure/ altitude change build up in your baby’s head. Also, carry on extra clothes just in case baby doesn’t agree with feedings. Good luck with the flight and move.