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We made it! I’m excited to be back in DC, sad to leave Nashville, and especially proud of Baby A who slept through 90% of the adventure.


This was one of our first times wearing the Infantino carrier and it was a major hit! I was able to breeze through both Nashville and Dulles airports with baby in tow. And per your recommendations, I nursed her during landing (she slept through takeoff). We even rode the Dulles shuttle without a single peep. Major points for Mom.


My in-laws picked us up at the airport (they drove here on Sunday), we spent the rest of the day getting settled, and this morning I was able to squeeze in a run! We’re staying in a short-term apartment while our house is being finished. Not an ideal situation, but on the plus side we’re less than half a mile from the W&OD trail :)


I did a mile left from the trail entrance and then turned around. And then a mile right and turned around. Have to stay close to home in case nap time comes to an early end :)


And have to keep the pace up, too! Can’t say I miss the hills of East Nashville too much…


Speaking of Nashville, let’s backtrack to the last few days. On Saturday I set out for a final jog around the neighborhood streets with Lizzie! Going to miss this girl. So many miles with her, including some stellar long runs in 2015 when we were both training for the Detroit Marathon together.


And a final feast from Taj, one of our favorite restaurants in Nashvegas! We had both my parents and Anthony’s parents around over the weekend to help pack and babysit. There’s no way we could have done this whole moving-with-a-newborn thing without them.


Nom nom naan!


And a few more running photos from the past week…


(^^ Another new running wardrobe piece that I love! This GapFit tank is on sale and I love the fun back straps.)

Anthony, me, and my unruly wind hair.


I couldn’t help but stop for some pretty flowers. So happy that spring is here after lots of dreary days in February/March.


Perfect stroller-walking weather, too! Baby A has a love-hate relationship with the stroller right now but on her good days we can make it a solid 20-30 minutes around town.


Last random note: I started watching Veep! Now that we’re back in DC and everything I figured it was time. Anyone else watch this? I’m late to the game but liking it so far.


Talk soon!

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  1. Glad you arrived safely in DC! Look forward to following along as you settle into life in your old ‘hood :) And way to go Baby A for being such a good traveler!