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favorites of late: baby edition

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorite finds list so I thought I’d share some top baby products. Now that I’m eight weeks into the mothering thing, I’m by no means an expert — but I have come a long way with the help of a few magic tools. Here are some of my top picks below. If you’re a new or soon-to-be mama, I hope this helps!

Frida snot sucker: My sister-in-law recommended this amazing tool to me and it’s been a dream! Baby boogers are the worst and this thing gets them out in seconds. Here’s the best and weirdest part: You use your own breath to suck them out! Kind of gross but great at getting stuff out!

OXO wipes dispenser: Since we already talked about snot, why not move right along to poo? Nothing’s more annoying than trying to get a single wipe out of a bag with one hand and ending up with three wipes stuck together! This handy little box solves that problem. Wipe and go.



UPPABaby Vista stroller: I spent a loooot of time researching strollers and am glad we splurged on this one. The main difference the UppaBaby has against its top competitor (the BabyJogger City Select) is that it comes with a bassinet. A lot of reviewers said they felt that bassinet wasn’t necessary since their babies outgrew it quickly — but as a mom of a “sweet petite,” I think we’ve definitely gotten value out of it and I think a lot of others would too. Plus, the bassinet is sleep-approved so you can use it for naps even when you’re not strolling.

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HALO fleece sleep sack and aden + anais swaddles: We’ve tried all types of swaddle blanket brands and swaddling techniques over the past eight weeks to ensure Baby A gets the best rest. I think we’ve finally settled on these two swaddles as our top picks, at least for now! The HALO sack is nice and cozy for nighttime. Plus it takes seconds to put on and off, which is exactly what you want when it’s 2 a.m. The aden + anais swaddles are breathable for the day and big enough to double as blankets, nursing covers, etc. Plus the prints are just adorable.

Baby Manager breastfeeding + sleep tracker: This app makes it easy to track all of baby’s sleeping and eating! I use it every day. It’s really simple to use but also provides some in-depth data that’s fun to review. For example, I can look at a bar graph comparing this week’s total sleep hours to last week’s, or tally up the total number of hours I’ve spent breastfeeding for the day.

DYNAPro exercise ball: A friend told me that holding her baby while bouncing on the exercise ball was a great soothing technique. We tried it and the tears disappeared in seconds! Anthony and I probably spend at least three hours a day bouncing on our exercise ball because A loves it. Our core strength is at an all-time high 😉


LectroFan micro white noise machine: Another sleep saver to add to the list! For a while I was playing white noise tracks off of YouTube from my phone but then got annoyed having to pull it up on my phone, skip ads, etc. We invested in this little white noise machine and use it all the time. It’s simple and has a whole set of white noise “songs” to choose from. Our favorite is track 4, the low-tone fan :). 

Image result for lectrofan micro

Moms: What other products and tools am I missing? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “favorites of late: baby edition

  1. I have a noise machine! We usually set it on the waves or thunderstorm sound when one of us goes to bed before the other (we don’t always have the same days off).

  2. My son is 15 months old now, but I still remember my “must haves” from when he was younger. I highly recommend a bottle warmer for any moms who aren’t breastfeeding or doing a combo of bottle/breastfeeding. I should qualify that by saying that a bottle warmer is not an absolute MUST but it’s definitely nice to have.

    Can I add one to the “definitely don’t need” category? A diaper genie = complete waste of money! We constantly had issues with the bag/insert thing and got so annoyed with the whole thing that we just stopped using it…and didn’t miss it at all!

    I agree with the sound machine. LOVE ours!

    • yeah we skipped the diaper genie and splurged on a bottle warmer :) great recommendations!

  3. By the time I got to baby number three, there were only two things I really needed…those yummy swaddle blankets you mention and a high quality swing!

  4. Oh and the good stroller! Just like you said. I had a bugaboo and I loved having the bassinet! True it doesn’t last forever but it’s your only way out in those first few weeks/months!