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a few notes from 2 crazy weeks

Hello, blog land! Checking in after two crazy weeks. We survived our stay in the short-term apartment, packed up our stuff again, and finally closed on our house!


I signed all 1,000 papers standing up so that I could rock Baby A in her carrier at the same time. The closing agent said he’d never seen anything like it!


On the workout front, this week’s plan is all about opening, unpacking, and breaking down boxes. How did we accrue so much stuff?! Yikes.


Luckily we’ve got my parents and Anthony’s parents here to help. We’ve made a lot of progress and are down to those random Pandora’s boxes full of odds and ends. We’ve even squeezed in a few baby and box breaks to get outside and run.


Yesterday morning I explored our new hood! There are a few fun trails and lots of wide sidewalks near our new house which was a huge reason we decided Ashburn was the right fit for us. Apologies for the blurry photo — nap time was coming to a close and I was in a rush!


A rush indeed! Lots of short, fast runs in my motherhood journey so far. Maybe I should sign up for a 5k? My least favorite distance in the past, but it looks like that’s changing…


Speaking of which, I think I see some movement taking place on the monitor so I’m going to hit publish while I still can. Let’s end this post with some burgers and I promise to be back soon.


7 thoughts on “a few notes from 2 crazy weeks

  1. Glad you’re settling in and still managing to squeeze in a few runs. Good for the soul…and your sanity :) I’m a much better mom/wife/friend when I get my run in. I sacrifice sleep to make it happen but it’s worth it!

  2. So glad you guys are out of your rental–congrats on closing and moving into your brand new house!!!

  3. Glad to see this – was wondering how you were doing! Wonderful to have parental help (I imagine that Baby A is a good magnet for them, too…) and hope you’re feeling more settled. We move. Again. This coming weekend. And it’s kind of a boomerang move, too – so I’ve really related to your recent posts! :)

    • good luck with your move! haha, “boomerang” — what a perfect term for it! going to start saying that now :)