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what’s keeping me awake: late-night entertainment faves

A while back, someone asked me to share some of my favorite books and shows that I’ve encountered during motherhood. In the wee morning hours of feeding baby A I’ve read, watched, and listened to quite a few stories. I’ve listed some of my favorites below — let me know what I should pick up next!

S-Town: When I heard the makers of Serial were coming out with a new story, I immediately downloaded all the episodes and started listening. The (true) story follows an eclectic man in a very Southern town — through a winding maze with antique clocks and a pot of gold. Weeks after I’ve finished the series, I’m still pondering parts of the story.

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The Red Tent: I read this book almost a decade ago and picked it back up for a second time recently. It describes the lives of Biblical women, much of which were spent in the “red tent” once a month. As a new mom, it was fun to read tales of birth and women’s issues in the BC days. Boy am I thankful for modern medicine!

The Red Tent - 20th Anniversary Edition: A Novel by [Diamant, Anita]

The Husband’s Secret: A light read that helped pass the time during weeks 6 and 8 of A’s life — when putting her to sleep became a lot more difficult and many hours were spent rocking and swaying as I waited for her eyelids to sloooooowly close! I read the entire book on my phone using the Kindle app. Again, very grateful for the time period that I live in because it’s possible to read a book with only 1 finger required to swipe :)

The Husband's Secret by [Moriarty, Liane]

Kellymom: I wouldn’t categorize Kellymom as entertainment, but I want to give this website a shout-out anyways because I’ve spent countless hours reading and re-reading posts on breastfeeding and all things baby. I don’t know who Kelly is but she is the mom bomb. She’s answered so many of my questions and her blog is my go-to source for, well, pretty much everything in life.



Parenting, MD: As much as I love Kellymom’s in-depth posts, this book (which I have loaded into my Kindle app on my phone) is great to have for quick answers and guidance. Different chapters highlight weekly and monthly baby developments as well as red flags to watch for. If I have a simple question about feeding, sleeping, or diapering, Natasha has a straight-up answer ready to go!

Parenting MD: Guide to Baby's First Year by [Raja M.D., Natasha]

The Cuckoo’s Calling: I finally got around to reading (well, listening to) JK Rowling’s adult book! I can’t say I loved it, but I didn’t hate it either. Then again, I’m not a huge mystery reader — and I admit I had very high expectations as a Harry Potter fan. Perhaps if I’d gone for the real book over audiobook I would have enjoyed it more? It was difficult to follow without being able to flip back and forth to look for clues!

The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike Book 1) by [Galbraith, Robert]

Big Little Lies: Ahhh love this show! I have one episode left, and it’s been hanging over my head for the past few weeks while we’ve had spotty internet during our move. The suspense is killing me! Beautiful scenery, interesting characters, and addictive story line.

Bossypants: Cuckoo’s Calling wasn’t a good fit for audio format, but this book was! During my first few weeks of crazy emotional/sleep-deprived/stressed out motherhood, Tina Fey kept me awake and smiling in the wee hours of the morning. She even has a chapter on parenting which I loved!

Bossypants by [Fey, Tina]

What are you reading/watching/listening to these days? I’m open to recommendations!

2 thoughts on “what’s keeping me awake: late-night entertainment faves

  1. I binged on the S-Town podcast a few weeks ago during a drive to Indiana, and like you, I still think about parts of the story every once in awhile. It was fascinating!

    I hope you all are doing well in the new home :)