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Good morning! I’m here for some old school blogging. Here’s a live recap of the past 24 hours or so. I hope to get back to daily posting soon, but to pull off this post I woke up at 3:45 a.m. — something I’m not sure is sustainable for the long-term! Ha.

We joined an amazing gym! No shortage of treadmills:


I headed to a 5:30 boot camp this morning and had a few extra minutes before class began. I did a quick mile just to get a feel for these fancy machines which feature virtual city and trail tours. I ran through downtown Auckland! It was pretty cool but also a bit nauseating. I’ve never been a screen-watcher while treadmill-ing. What about you?


Solitaire on the run?! WHY NOT?! (Again, I’ve been awake since 3:45)


As for the boot camp class, it was a killer! 30 minutes of non-stop jumping, burpee-ing, and mountain climbing.

In other workout news, I’ve had fun creating some new routes in our neighborhood. Look how FLAT this is! I’m in heaven after three years of East Nashville hills :)


20-40 minutes is about all the time I have these days for fitness. A quick four miles during nap time yesterday!


Plus a stop to look at pretty flowers.


Now that we are somewhat settled, Anthony and I are working on getting Baby A into a routine. The plan is stroller walk + bath + bed by 7:30 p.m. Anthony and I are totally on board with the schedule whereas A still seems to think she’s running the show around here 😉 (And she totally is.)


In other news, my parents left yesterday and my in-laws are leaving next week. This means I’ll actually have to cook again soon — something I haven’t really done since 2016! Ha! In the meantime I’m enjoying lots of leftovers. Steak on a salad!


Tell me what you’ve been up to this morning! I’ll come back and read the comments after an afternoon nap :)

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  1. I have watched the Auckland video before too….. since you have been there did it seem reasonable? Glad your move has gone well! take care.