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marvelous monday (5k race recap)

I know we are nearing the end of the week, but I want to rewind to Monday! It was marvelous and started off with a 5k race!


The Ringing in Hope 5k took place less than a mile from my house so I figured it was the perfect fit. I haven’t raced in over a year (!!). Now that I’ve had a couple of months to get back in semi-shape after giving birth, I was curious how I would do. There are rumors that women get faster after they have kids and I’ll have to do another post discussing that soon. 

Anyways. Other than some muggy weather, the race conditions were pretty good on Monday and the race route was nice and flat. I had time for a very short warm-up (more like no warm-up… oops) after waiting in line to get my bib (because I registered the night before… oops). I wiggled my way toward the front of the pack and set off at a pace that felt challenging but sustainable for three miles.

After the first mile I thought I might be the first female since I didn’t see any other ladies ahead! Which was exciting. BUT THEN at the turn-around point I saw a woman running back toward me who had already completed the turn. Knowing she was a good minute ahead of me, I focused on holding my pace to secure a second place finish!

The last mile was a tough one and I could tell my legs were getting tired. Luckily I was also tired of being stuck behind this teenage boy who was JUGGLING three hacky-sack balls while also maintaining a 6:40 pace. I was scared he would drop one of the balls and I’d trip, so I found some additional energy to speed up and pass him!


Just before mile three I saw Anthony and baby cheering! (Here’s a photo he took from the start of the race)


And I also heard the third place woman coming up behind me. It was a sprint to the finish, and I only beat her by a few seconds! Phew.

I didn’t look at my Garmin a single time during the race and just ran based on effort. I was happy to see this when I crossed the finish line:


Official finish time was 20:43 (6:41 pace). Happy to take home some second-place prizes and a new PR! As well as a half-eaten apple and perfectly ripe banana.


I had time for a quick shower before the party continued. Meredith and Alanna came to town to visit!


We walked around, had lunch, played with Baby A, and ate a cake for Meredith’s birthday. (I’m still obsessed with this white cake recipe btw.) Thanks for visiting me, ladies!


If only all Mondays could be as marvelous :). Here’s to a happy Thursday — see you soon!

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