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Coffee date!


A Starbucks recently opened down the road from us and it’s going to be dangerous. Baby and I strolled there yesterday morning right after my run. After a toasty three miles, cold coffee sounded just right.


I’m still loving the local Ashburn trails! Some are better than others but at least there are a few shady green spots to jog along. One day I’ll drive out to the W&OD trail nearby for a “real” run longer than 5 miles, but for now I’m squeezing in as many short jogs as I can close to home :)


Another day, another run:


I felt a little sore for a couple days after my 5k last week, but other than that the legs have been feeling great lately. I definitely run a lot less these days and think it’s probably a break I’ve needed for a long time.


That being said, I am looking at half marathons for the fall and perhaps a full for the winter… any recommendations ? :)

Moving right along to snack time. When I was pregnant I had very few food aversions — I think yogurt might have been the only one! One year later and we’re finally friends again.


Other summery eats = grilled everything. Anthony got a hibachi grill that is awesome for grilling flaky fish, tiny chopped vegetables, and (most importantly) pancakes. And steak!


^^ Mashed potatoes simply don’t photograph well. Sorry!

Is anyone watching the new season of House of Cards? The only way to get through the drama is with beer and pizza. I thought the rat Baltimore glass was fitting, too!


As for the pizza, look at this gem we got at Wegmans (the best grocery store of all time). It had a yummy mix of meats and cheese and we added some grilled eggplant on top.


And that’s my little slice of life for the day. Talk soon!

One thought on “slice of life

  1. Oooooh a Starbucks within walking distance = a dream come true! But yes, definitely dangerous!

    That pizza looks amazing! I hate to commit to a fave food b/c I love all food, but pizza is definetly in the top 3.

    Happy pre-Friday!!!