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new post, new week

Hello! I don’t know where last week went. I clearly didn’t even have time to put my hair in a proper ponytail so blogging didn’t happen either.


But it’s Monday morning and I have a sleeping baby so here we are! Speaking of the little lady, check out her new look. This girl is rocking her glasses.


Other cute things I saw this week include turtle man. I spotted him at mile 2 and then at mile 4 after I’d turned around — he hardly moved the whole time. Must have been waiting for me!


After a couple wonder weeks with temps in the 50s and 60s, we’re now reaching the 70s and 80s (and even 90s!). 7 a.m. is my summer running cutoff time and I dashed out the door on Thursday with one minute to spare :)


Luckily I found a nice set of sprinklers nearby. Free refreshments!


And (almost) free recipes. Cook Smarts only costs us $7 a month and boy is it worth it. You can still use my ambassador link for three free meal plans!

We tried a lot of fun, quick meals last week. Shakshuka and hummus/veggies:


Shrimp po’ boys! Yum. Chips and pickles needed to happen (and those are roasted carrot “fries” on the side)


Fancy flank steak + tortellini. PS, remember when I used to take nice photos with an actual camera? Don’t think that will be happening again until the kids are in college so I hope you don’t mind my phone snapshots :) #notaphotographer #notafoodblog #justagirlwholikestorunandeat


And since we’re keeping it real over here, let me show you a pile of eggs on a paper plate. We discovered a mountain of disposable plates and cutlery during our move and are trying to use it up. Yesterday we had a father’s day feast for Anthony!


And today we’re back to the usual routine. One last pretty run photo and then I’m outta here.


Hope to see you guys soon!


3 thoughts on “new post, new week

  1. OMG. Those glasses. SO CUTE.

    I’m curious – how did you know she needed glasses? I was worried at one point about my 7 month old’s vision because of some things he didn’t react to. But I’m probably also paranoid because both his father and I have horrible vision so genetics say he’ll likely need glasses one day…

  2. I’m also #justagirlwholikestorunandeat. Fancy photography is basically lost on me. All I need is some good running talk and yummy food and I’m good :)

    How have you found time to run outside since having Alice? I’ve been confined to the treadmill since having my son (who is now 18 months). I have to run so early to fit it in before he wakes up. I don’t feel comfortable running alone when it’s still dark out. Oh how I miss running outside!

  3. There is literally nothing cuter than a baby in glasses. Seriously. Also? the pants. She is just beyond adorable. See that the NG switched sides at some point…? Hope that went okay for you (and Alice, obviously!).

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