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scallops, celebrations & street furniture. yes, street furniture!

Hi! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments yesterday. It’s good to be back in blog land!

And back in the kitchen! On the menu this week — fancy pants scallops. This was a fun Cook Smarts meal. Felt so formal for a weeknight.


Another favorite feast we made the other day: stuffed peppers. My grandma, who was from Czechoslovakia, used to make these all the time. Mine probably weren’t as authentic as hers, but the inspiration was there! That same week I also made Italian wedding soup — a recipe from my other grandma. I guess I was feeling the family-style food.

20170927_200049 - Copy

Speaking of family, Anthony and I celebrated our four-year anniversary not too long ago! How time has flown since our wedding. I think that we were supposed to get each other something made of leather for year three, but we got each other margaritas instead. 

Resized_20170928_185325_6305 - Copy

Other things I’ve been sipping — lots of coffee. Part of our tube-weaning program took place in Alexandria, VA, where we had fun eating our way through the neighborhood of Del Ray (Baby A loves dining out in public). I spent a lot of time with her at Swing’s coffee shop — fantastic cappuccinos and croissants on the menu!

20171009_155734 - Copy

And here’s a throwback for my long-time readers. Street furniture! Alexandria had tons of it.

20171009_160410 - Copy

Since this is a running blog and all, I promise I’ll be back soon with some running-related material! Just taking a few days off after the marathon for now :). Adios!

One thought on “scallops, celebrations & street furniture. yes, street furniture!

  1. Not sure if I ever commented before or just quietly lurked, but I had to when I read that you were in Del Ray! I live there right now and LOVE the area/restaurants. Hopefully you tracked down a chicken biscuit from Stomping Ground :)

    Glad to have you back :)