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checking in

Happy Friday! Just checking in to say hi. Thanks for your patience while I ease back into blogging… we’ll see if daily posts will be possible in the future, but for now I’m still trying to settle into the right pace :). What are you indulging in this weekend?


The party started early at casa Lambkin. My friend Alanna came over on Wednesday for a Dancing With the Stars + pizza celebration. She got me hooked on the show and now I can’t stop watching! My favorite episode so far was the “most memorable year”-themed dances. I teared up at almost every story — no shame. Who’s your favorite contestant? Right now Lindsey Stirling gets my vote!

No dancing for me, but I have been running! Alanna babysat the next morning while A napped and I jogged. Beautiful fall day!


I kept a quick pace so I could get home before baby woke up (didn’t happen btw).


Other feasts of the week — a full sampling of Cook Smarts recipes! This chili tasted a lot better than it looked, promise. Served over a bed of leftover mashed potatoes and paired with a side of more Dancing with the Stars. Because apparently that’s the most exciting thing I have to talk about these days.


On the opposite end of the “TV dinner” spectrum, we have steak! No need for further explanation. Yum.


What are your plans for the weekend? Ours involve breweries and bread making — so basically the best weekend ever :). See you Monday!