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post-marathon thoughts on a thursday

Hello! How is it Thursday already? This week has slipped away from me. Good thing I snapped a few photos because I can barely remember what we’ve been up to. It’s been rainy and grey almost all week!


I went for a rain run on Sunday. My first “long” run since the marathon the other week!


Post-race rambles: Even though I’m happy with my finish time of 3:28 at Marine Corps, part of me is still hung up on not getting a PR (in part due to a couple of walk/bathroom breaks that perhaps could be avoided if I just tried again?). What I keep thinking about is how my training runs — which went all the way up to 23 miles — were at a faster pace than my race pace by 5-10 seconds per mile. If my training long runs were in the 7:40-7:50 pace, don’t you think I could go faster than a 7:44 pace on race day? I’ve always heard (and experienced) that race pace typically falls about 30-45 seconds faster than training pace. So, that would all mean that either: 1) I could have raced a lot faster at MCM OR 2) I did my training runs too fast :). One way to find the answer… run another marathon asap!

I actually entertained the idea of running the Richmond Marathon this weekend as a “round 2” attempt — I had a bib pickup lined up and everything — but then just couldn’t get myself to register on Tuesday night before registration closed. I actually sat at my computer at 11 p.m., credit card in hand, watching the clock tick toward midnight when registration officially closed and my opportunity disappeared. How dramatic!

I still kind wish I’d registered, but I think I made the right choice by sitting it out. Would waking up at 3 a.m. and driving 2.5 hours before running a marathon be a good PR strategy? Probably not. Would attempting 26.2 after running no more than 6 miles in two weeks be a good idea? Hmmm… probably not? And would driving 2.5 hours after running a marathon be a good road safety strategy? Also probably not. Womp.

So, all that said, I ** think ** I’m over the fall marathon season. I just need a bit more time to come around to full closure! If you hear me talking about running another marathon in a week or two, don’t let me do it. I’m sure a bunch of turkey and pumpkin pie will seal the deal in a few weeks.

Other deep topics of discussion on the blog today: What to do about insane ponytail tangles during rain runs. I think I lost about half of my hair this week with the comb! I guess I could do a bun or braid but I’m too lazy. Apparently I’d rather spend an extra 5 minutes untangling my hair than an extra 30 seconds twirling it into a bun! Please share your running hair tips in the comments section!


All this dreary weather calls for soup. Cook Smarts had a sausage/white bean/chard stew on the menu that hit the spot. I’ve been a Cook Smarts member for a couple of years now, so it’s fun to see old favorites that I’ve made before pop back up on this week’s menu!


Another winner was this miso chicken dish. I upgraded ours by crumbing the chicken with panko for extra crunch. Instead of buying tenders or breasts, I cut up a whole chicken and used the bones to make broth for the above soup. Still loving homemade broth when I have the time!



And homemade bread. I made a batch of cinnamon fig-walnut this weekend!


A couple of you have asked about the braided bread and I took photos of every stage to share with you soon. It’s really quite easy. You just braid the dough like you would your hair! (though, as noted above, I wouldn’t really know much about braiding hair.)

I bought some fig jam to go with the fig bread. Miss A was excited about it!


The jam was one of many exotic purchases we made at the international market over the weekend. Anthony and I had been wanting to go since we moved here and finally got around to it. So many unusual foods to look at, including human-sized bread!


I hope you’ve had a good week!

6 thoughts on “post-marathon thoughts on a thursday

  1. I have really thick, almost waist-length hair, and I recently gave myself an undercut. It’s a lot less tangly during runs, easier to comb, wash, and style, and looks really cool pulled up.

  2. When I don’t want to braid (or it’s already too curly to braid effectively), I put hair ties down it in a row. Not sure how else to describe it. It’s like Jasmin’s hair in Aladdin, haha

  3. Just catching up on your posts. yay! Glad you are back in whatever capacity that looks like in the next few weeks/months/years. Random thoughts. Your ponytail? wasn’t your hair just short? It must grow like crazy. Second, I’m Czech too! Third, you are super fast. I would not be disappointed for not PRing a few months after having a baby. That said, your easy runs ARE super fast. But I guess you are supposed to go by comfort – so if they are comfortable for you, then my guess is you have a super speedy marathon coming up soon (or whenever, no pressure!)

    • Thanks for checking in! Yes, it was short, and then I had a baby and haven’t cut it since she was born :). Go Czech sister! Thanks for the support. Yeah, I’m happy with my time but not over the moon about it. But now I’m at peace with it and am hoping for a PR sometime… probably not 2018, but maybe in 2019 :)