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this post is mostly about ice cream

Ack! Another week gone. The days went by extra fast because we flew down to Tennessee!


I’m here with Miss A while Anthony is on a work trip. It’s been fun catching up with old friends, coworkers, and family. And doing some rural runs!


It’s a little cool here but not as chilly as DC has been lately. I made it out for a quick three miles yesterday.


As for today, I ate three pancakes this morning instead of running which I felt was a good choice. Speaking of breakfast, here’s an epic feast I had with my friend Jessie at The Diner in DC before we left. Yum.


French toast or pancakes? The decision is always a difficult one. When I go out for breakfast, I like to snoop around and look at other people’s plates before making my decision. If the French toast doesn’t look too soggy, count me in. Bonus points if it’s served with real maple syrup!

Other very important discussion topics for today: ice cream. As long-time readers know, I’ve been obsessed with Talenti gelato for a very long time. (I thought the Talenti obsession would be a “pregnant Mary” phase of my life, but clearly it’s just part of who I am).


Over the years, I’ve had a number of Talenti competitions to see if any brands can match up to my most favorite treat.



I even put Talenti’s own flavors head to head to assess things like whether Tahitian vanilla bean is superior to vanilla bean. To date, my all-time favorite Talenti flavors are pistachio, vanilla bean, and coconut almond chocolate.


Talenti pistachio is one that really stands out against the rest as authentic. I’ve tried so many pistachio gelatos and ice cream, and none come close to beating Talenti. When I saw Whole Foods made a pistachio gelato, I was intrigued…


But, NOPE. Talenti still wins. Any other contenders I should try? Let me know in the comments!

I really didn’t intend for this post to be about ice cream, so let’s get back to running. I’ve been keeping things short and sweet the past few weeks. Not sure when I’ll get back to longer runs now that my marathon is over and the winter weather is settling in. Maybe 2018… or 2019 :)


Still loving my pink Brooks Neuro! Even though I took a fall in them the other day (rainy, slick brick sidewalk + new shoes = twisted ankle), I still think they’re a good fit.

Let me leave you with our latest Cook Smarts creation — roasted veggies and salmon! Those are parsnip, carrot, and sweet potato “fries” you see on the side, and a lemon aioli sauce dolloped on top.


Have a fabulous weekend!