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catching up from back home

Hello! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was busy — traveling between Virginia, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ohio! Between all the plane and car rides I barely had time to take a photo, let alone sit down and write a blog post.


We’re back home and settling into things. My kitchen, laundry, and living rooms are disaster zones, but why tend to food, clothing, or shelter when I can spend time with my Internet friends? Here are a few snapshots from the past week!

Mom’s cooking! My parents have a pasta machine that has basically become a member of our family. Tagliatelle sauced up with a pumpkin-sausage-sage mix.


I was never a takeout person until we had a kiddo :) Dining in without having to dress up or do dishes is basically my dream dinner. I tried sukiyaki for the first time last week. A relative of my favorite soup, pho, but with a fishier taste!


Since I had family around to help babysit, I was able to sneak in a few nap time runs around my parents’ neighborhood. The weather was great in Tennessee and surprisingly warm in Ohio, too!



We returned back to the DC area on Saturday afternoon and were greeted with grey skies. Still felt good to shake out the legs after a long car ride though! I did a quick three miles and felt settled in after two weeks of being on the go.


Speaking of which, can I just randomly complain for one second about dealing with changing tables while traveling? I came across so many poorly designed diaper stations over the past two weeks. Such as this one. Where is a mom supposed to put her diaper bag without any sort of hook or stand next to the changing table?!! On the dirty bathroom floor? Am I the only one who is furious about things like this?


There’s no natural segue from that discussion so let’s just jump to dinner. Anthony and I were able to throw together a quick dinner (salmon, roasted veggies, couscous) with bits and pieces from our freezer, pantry, and fridge when we returned.


Paired with an episode of The Office, of course. We still have a couple of seasons left and I’m starting to worry about what life will be like when it ends.

And that’s the end, for now!

3 thoughts on “catching up from back home

  1. That is a major issue I have too, I have to strap my bag across my chest in order to use the changing table and that is we are lucky enough to have one. I have found a few places dont even have one!!

  2. There could definitely be much improved about changing tables but mostly I’m glad to find one! I hate changing a baby on the bathroom floor (even if I have my foldout – it’s just gross).

    When you finish the office, you should start Superstore – all seasons streaming on Hulu!

    • ew, a bathroom floor, blergh! I haven’t had to do that and hope I never do! Ahh, Superstore. We were really into the first season but then thought it got less funny? That was a while ago though. Maybe I’ll give it another try!