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Hello! I’m posting in the afternoon but I was awake a long time ago.


Anthony and I were both able to squeeze in our runs before he had to leave for work! I love when the stars align and we’re able to do that. I had to run mighty fast to fit in all four miles before he had to bolt out the door, but I guess that’s not a bad thing.


The fall leaves are pretty, but I think my HOT PINK shoes are even more glamorous. What type of shoe color do you go for — neutral or bright? I seem to flip flop between the two. (and it’s pretty obvious which side I’m on right now.)


Another dramatic decision: How much MORE will you pay to get the shoe color you want? I often find that the newer versions of running shoes have the color I want, but the older versions are cheaper. I don’t really care enough to spend more than $5 for a color I like. BTW, while we’re talking shoes, here are some of my favorite running shoe shopping retailers/resources. Tis the season!

  • ShoeKicker — compares prices across numerous retailers and considers different models/versions
  • 6pm — great bargain deals (sometimes on shoes, more often on accessories/clothes)
  • Running Warehouse — consistently has the lowest prices on shoes, especially if you can find a discount code. Even cheaper than Amazon or Zappos (and isn’t Zappos owned by Amazon anyways?). I’ve ordered almost all of my shoes from Running Warehouse!
  • Runner’s World shoe finder — recommends shoes that are similar in style to ones that you like. I’ve used it a few times and it’s pretty accurate!

Just another day of deep discussion on the blog.


Let me end this post with a warm bowl of soup on a chilly winter day. Cook Smarts’ potato soup + a small mountain of Parmesan cheese = winner.


…. and no it’s time to go prep tonight’s dinner. Catch you soon!