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squash + spinning

Hello! Let’s start this post with squash.


This was a fun dish to make. We halved acorn squashes and stuffed them with balsamic chicken (I put a whole frozen chicken and half an onion in the slow cooker around noon, and by dinnertime it was  ready to be shredded, sauced and served!). As I noted yesterday, put Parmesan on top of anything and it’s an instant winner. Orange / avocado / almond salad on the side. The only thing missing from this meal was a carb, but I made up for it by eating a large handful of my grandma’s oatmeal cookies after dinner :)


No running today. I took Miss A to the gym instead! Now that we are feeding tube-free I’m learning to “let go” and let others look after her a little bit at a time. I’ve been trying to take her to the gym’s child care/kids’ gym area consistently this week (even if just for 10 minutes) so that she slowly gets to know the caregivers and space. There’s usually no more than two other kiddos in the play room, so I know she gets lots of attention and play time. Now that A is crawling, I’m sure she fits in a good workout too!


As for me, I took a virtual bike ride across the French Alps, Argentina’s Ruta 40 and some other exotic places around the world (in only 30 minutes!). How cool is this giant screen?!


As fun as the indoor workout was, I’m ready to get outside because:


Hope the sun is shining bright wherever you’re reading from!

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