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Hello and happy weekend! First things first: the Talenti challenge continues. Ciao Bella is our fiercest competitor yet, and I was impressed by its authentic pistachio taste. But I felt like the amount of pistachio crunch just didn’t hold up to Talenti’s, and it fell on the icier side rather than creamy. At the exact same price per ounce, I still think Talenti wins this round. If you have any pistachio ice cream/gelato brands I should try, let me know! I think I’ve exhausted almost every kind out there, and my life is losing direction without new ice creams to look forward to.


Now that the tough issues are out of the way, let’s go for a run! Gorgeous weather here this week. Yesterday I made it out for a quick four miles (four seems to be my magic number lately).


I’m getting a little bored of my usual routes around town and am setting a goal to change it up this weekend! Perhaps a drive to a new trail would be fun. Do you guys usually stick to the same old routes, or do you switch things up? When I lived in the heart of DC, I had so many different routes available to me because of all the parks, street lights, and sidewalks. In Nashville I didn’t really have that luxury and Ashburn is kind of the same. I miss Rock Creek Park and the National Mall, but at the same time I love having a garage and being five minutes away from Costco. It’s a real struggle.


On to dinner! I guess we were a hungry bunch this week because I ended up cooking every single night. No leftovers to lean on!


This shrimp lo mein was one of my favorite meals of the week. Topped with sriracha for extra spice!


On Wednesday night I re-purposed some of the roasted squash/chicken from earlier in the week. Butternut squash-pumpkin sauce over cheese tortellini and topped with… you guessed it, more cheese :)


Last night I tackled our final Cook Smarts meal on the weekly menu. Speaking of which, CS is offering three free meal plans, 30% off meal plan purchases with the code JOYFULEATS, and also offering gift subscriptions for the holidays. Those are affiliate links, but you guys know I loved this service long before I earned anything for endorsing them :)


I’ve never been able to replicate the flavors of Indian food you’d get at a restaurant (or in India, I guess), but this chicken tikka masala was a close attempt! I think more butter and cream, plus a side of garlic naan, would have taken it to the next level. The lighter at-home version was still worthy of seconds, though :)


Off to the gym, a doctor’s appointment, and a holiday party today — followed by two more holiday potluck dinners this weekend — yikes! Time to put on my kitchen game face for a double batch of real pumpkin pies. Second question of the day: What makes the best pie crust: vegetable shortening, butter, or lard? I’ll let you know what I decide on Monday!

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  1. My sister-in-law told me that {I think} America’s Test Kitchen said that a mix of butter and shortening makes the best crust. Butter for the flavor and shortening for the flakiness. That said, I use shortening. I find it easier to work with than butter.

    • Yes I think I’ve heard old Chris Kimboll recommend that, but now that he quit ATK and is all “Subscribe to my Milk Street magazine” I don’t trust him quite as much anymore ;). Maybe I’ll try the half-half approach next time!