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weekend snapshots

I roasted three squashes this weekend and baked two pies. I’d say that the holidays are here!

20171202_113629 - Copy

The two pumpkins were turned into pies:

20171202_184931 - Copy

And the squash ended up on a salad! I make some version of this pomegranate // gorgonzola // squash // balsamic salad almost every winter because it’s colorful and festive. The pomegranate seeds are a pain in the rear to remove, but the finished product is so pretty! Perfect addition to our neighborhood potluck. Yum.

20171202_172107 - Copy

Wine all around, plus an extra helping of mac ‘n’ cheese for me please.


After dinner we strolled to the square to see our community Christmas tree lighting. I don’t think we’ll get it together this year for an official family holiday photo, so here’s our little fam + a bunch of strangers in the background. Merry Christmas!

20171202_183350 - Copy

Earlier on Saturday I made it out for a run!

20171202_103012 - Copy

Blue skies and crisp temps in the low 40s. Fifty-five is my favorite running temp but anything above 40 is acceptable too. Are you more of a warm or cold weather runner? I prefer summer but I try not to wimp out too much in the winter. Deep down I just won’t let myself be one of “those people” who start running every spring and then retire as soon as the temps drop the slightest.

20171202_104041 - Copy

How the heck did I run a marathon a month ago? The thought of doing anything over 10 miles feels impossible now. Glad that’s over with :)

20171202_110047 - Copy

One more photo of my shoes, but this time we have dragonfruit instead of a Garmin! :) Apparently I’m feeling pink these days.

20171202_113831 - Copy

Speaking of which, let me leave you with this new song from Pink that our instructor played in spin class yesterday. Good tune to kick off the week!

2 thoughts on “weekend snapshots

  1. Fun weekend! You included all of my faves…running, good eats and family time :) BUT you didn’t answer a very important question…what made the best pie crust: shortening, butter, or lard?! Inquiring minds want to know :)

    • okay so I went with butter and thought it was good, but not GREAT. love the flavor but I thought the texture was a bit chewy for my liking. Apparently a mix of butter/shortening might be the magic ticket… but IDK, shortening is just kind of gross to me for some reason. As for lard, I was too lazy to get it out of my freezer in time for it to thaw enough to work with. All of that said… all of the pie is gone. So clearly the crust made the cut :)