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running hat + a kitchen hack



Our little alarm clock started rolling around in her crib at 4:30 so I had pleeeenty of time to go for a run today :). A little over five miles while the sun crept up. 

I’ve recently decided to become a “hat person” so I bought myself a running hat the other day. (Actually Anthony bought it for me — thanks dear!) What do you think?! 

The back story is that this is my second attempt at hat-wearing. I also tried to become a “hat person” my freshman year of college as part of my new adult identity. It lasted for about two months before I burned out. I’m sure Alanna, my college roomie and longtime blog reader, will want to chime in with details in the comments section. Let’s hope that this time, a decade later, I can do better!


Just another day of deep discussion on the blog. What did you guys DO for those five months I went on minutes per mile hiatus?!! Everyone who reads this at work — your bosses are probably so bummed that I’m back 😉

After cooking up a storm on Saturday, I’ve been keeping it pretty low-key in the kitchen the past few days. On Sunday we crumbed some chicken and threw it on top of leftover pomegranate/squash salad:

_DSC0666 - Copy

And last night I made a big ole batch of what we will call Mexican madness. Ground beef, peppers, black beans, and plantains — which you can use on top of a carb of choice (rice, tortillas, and chips are our faves). Last night we did a rice/quinoa mix to build burrito bowls. 


For ultimate ease I cooked everything during Little A’s morning nap (because who doesn’t love the smell of onions and ground beef simmering at 9 a.m.) and then reheated it in the oven at night in one giant baking pan. That way we only had one dish to clean after we were done. #kitchenhack


Leftovers for lunch today which I’m pretty excited about. Adios!

3 thoughts on “running hat + a kitchen hack

  1. Haha I love that the hats are back! I hope you held on to some of your 2006 hats. I think my favorite was the brown paper delivery boy esque one. I wish I could post photos in the comments for reference.

    • Other things I recall from your college reinvention: Mary Beth. I’m glad that one didn’t stick either. Too southern for my “yankee” self.