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6 surprising reasons I love my FitBit (as a new mom)

Some of you may have noticed TWO watches on my wrist lately!


For the past few months I’ve been wearing the FitBit Alta HR and I’m surprised at how much I love it. I’d bought it mostly to wear as a casual everyday watch, but have discovered a bunch of little features that make it one of my favorite accessories as a mom on the go. Even if you’re not into counting steps or tracking your workouts (or if you’re like me and have other watches/apps to do that already), this activity tracker is wonderful for other reasons, especially if you are juggling a little one!

(And BTW, this post is not sponsored by FitBit in any way. Just my own personal ramblings, 100% free).

1. Silent alarm. If you have a little roommate like we did for the past nine months (Little A just recently moved to her own bedroom!), setting a loud alarm is difficult because you don’t want to wake the baby up. At the same time, you don’t want to oversleep. When I discovered FitBit’s silent alarm feature, I was so excited! Finally: A way to wake up on my own without waking the whole house up. I consider myself a pretty heavy sleeper (especially since becoming a mom — so exhausting, ha!), so I was surprised that the vibration on my wrist is strong enough to get me out of a deep slumber. My FitBit vibrates at 4:33 every morning (which is actually “sleeping in,” now that I finally eliminated my 1 a.m. pumping session — that’s worth another post one day!) and I can “snooze” it by tapping my wrist once or turn it off by tapping twice. Brilliant!


2. Sleep tracking. FitBit gives you details on your sleep patterns and cycles and I find this highly entertaining. Baby A still wakes up at least once during most nights at night and it’s kind of a fun (sad) game to look at my sleep stats the next morning. Anthony and I often wake up in a blur, trying to remember who woke up when and how long we rocked the baby in our zombie-like states. With my handy FitBit, I’m able to see how much (or little) sleep I managed to get and it’s pretty funny to look at the random hours when I was apparently awake. It’s also the data I need to convince myself I deserve a midday nap. Right now I’m averaging about 6.5 hours of sleep per night, which is a lot more than it used to be. Thank goodness the little one is slowly learning to sleep on her own, and I don’t have the pesky feeding tube or breast pump to deal with in the wee hours of the night!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.32.24 PM

3. Easy to see and style. Obviously a main reason I wear my FitBit is to tell the time. I try to keep A in a somewhat regular routine, with naps and meals at the same hour each day. So it’s really important to know what time it is! Although I love my traditional Fossil watch, it doesn’t really match my day-to-day style, which has transitioned from “working professional” to “when was the last time I showered.” FitBit’s sporty, casual look is much more appropriate for my mom attire. And its easy-to-read, digital/light-up screen is better for middle-of-the-night time checks when you’re holding a baby in a dark bedroom.

4. Comfort and durability. Speaking of holding babies, that’s another thing that is difficult to do with a more traditional watch. I often hold A with my left arm across her tummy, and find that the rough edges of my metal Fossil watch scratch her skin and get caught on her clothes. FitBit is light and soft, with a rubber band and plastic clasp that is gentle on babies (something I’m sure the FitBit people were thinking of when they designed this watch — ha!). Additionally, the Altra HR is pretty waterproof– meaning I don’t have to worry about splashes and a few dunks during bath time.


5. Bluetooth phone connection. I often don’t keep my phone near me since 1) I’m usually wearing pocketless yoga pants and 2) it’s become one of A’s favorite toys/teethers :). I didn’t think I would care that FitBit has the ability to sync with your phone and give you text/call notifications, but it’s actually turned out to be a favorite feature! Even though I have to physically go pick up my phone to text back or answer a call, I love that I’m able to quickly see who the text/call is from and decide whether it’s something I need to attend to immediately (like a doctor calling) or something that can wait until nap time or even better, that I can ditch altogether (like Comcast calling. Why do they keep calling me?!).

6. Activity tracking! Most people buy FitBits to stay fit, but that wasn’t really a big priority for me when I bought this watch since I’m already fairly motivated to exercise through Garmin, Strava, and my own craziness. However, it’s still kind of fun to get little reminders to move and victory buzzes when I hit 10,000 steps! Even though I’ve found less time to work out and run since having a baby, I’m surprised at how active I stay through crawling around and carrying a baby up and down flights of steps all day (can someone remind me why we decided to move to a multistory town home?!). FitBit reminds me that even on my “off” days I’m still a mom on the move, and that makes me feel good. I probably wouldn’t realize how much time I spend on my feet without this watch!

Do you own a FitBit or activity tracker? Tell me what you love or don’t love about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “6 surprising reasons I love my FitBit (as a new mom)

  1. The silent alarm is by far my favorite thing about the fitbit, since I’m the first one up at home. Least favorite is the battery life, which has gotten worse over the year and a half that I’ve had it. It doesn’t make me work out more, since I was already active, but I appreciate the shout out when I hit 10k steps.

  2. I do have a FitBit but I haven’t been wearing it since becoming a mom (just 3 weeks ago!) Newborn life has me mostly swapping between napping and breastfeeding haha so I haven’t needed a watch or activity tracker :) I’ll be eager to get moving again soon though!

    I’d love to read a post about your experience breastfeeding and pumping in general, but also if you noticed any changes or did anything differently when you started running again!