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snowed in

Were you snowed in this weekend?


We got snow, but I still got out. The trick to snow running is to go when the snow is soft and fresh — not hours or days later when it’s padded down and frozen! As soon as the flurries started coming down I bolted out the door so that my footprints were the first ones in the snow :)

Remember the running headwarmer/beanie saga of 2016? So glad I found my Brooks headband to keep my ears nice and toasty.


While I was looking for the link to the past post I came across this pregnant Mary photo from almost exactly a year ago! Can’t believe I was pregnant and we had a baby, moved to a new house, new job, etc. all within one year. All good things, but a bit overwhelming! Hopefully 2018 will be a little less crazy.


Still wearing the same gloves and watch a year later :).


When I got back home I took a hot shower and then suited up to head back out there. Baby’s first snow walk! Mommas: What do you do with your little ones’ hands in the snow? I kind of want to buy gloves or mittens for Little A but I doubt she’ll keep them on. Ideas?


We had a fridge full of healthy food on Saturday night but decided that pizza sounded better. Paired with Miracle on 34th Street. Tis the season.


and just to show you how WILD my weekend was, I present the most exciting project I’ve tackled in months. Even more daunting than the marathon. Pantry re-organization!!!





If seeing a tidy shelf of alphabetically organized canned goods and spices doesn’t kick off your week to a good start, I don’t know what will :). See you soon!


6 thoughts on “snowed in

  1. Socks are your friend with little ones. I have owned an in home daycare for 22 years in WI so we know snow and cold fingers. I put adult/preteen socks on all my babies. Put them on before the jacket, pull them up to their arm pits, and they can pull all they want, they rarely ever get them off since they go under and up so high.
    I recommend a clean, brand new pair just for mitten usage.