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good “morning”

Hi! How is it 4 pm already and I’m just sitting down to write my “morning” blog post?!! I’m also eating “lunch” right now. This is what I call “deconstructed meatless sandwich” or “arrange fridge leftovers nicely on a plate.” Hummus, cheese, crackers, and a pear, plus some wasabi peas for extra crunch.


This morning the forecast said it was 21 degrees out and FELT LIKE 6 DEGREES. I could hear the wind from my window. I’m just not ready for that kind of running just yet. Treadmill day!


This might be my last run until Saturday. I just signed up for a 5k in the neighborhood and want to rest the legs. I’m usually not a 5k fan, but shorter runs are more my style these days.

I guess it’s appropriate to start carb loading for the big three-mile race too :). Cook Smarts dan-dan noodles were tasty! Pork, mushrooms, mustard greens, and ramen. First time I’ve ever cooked mustard greens — they’re not as bitter (or mustard-y) as they sound!


I also wanted to check in with a Talenti competition update. The latest competitor is Sorbabes’ pistachio/salted caramel. Very good, especially when you consider that this stuff is completely dairy-free. It’s not as tasty as Talenti, but I think it’s definitely up there for an ice cream/gelato alternative (I tried a bunch of ice cream wannabes during my elimination diet, none of which were very good).


Remember my friend Alanna that I mentioned in a blog post earlier this week? Here she is! Little A and I had an appointment in Baltimore yesterday and were able to meet up with her. Baby wore her gold leopard pants just for the occasion. It’s times like this that I love being back in the DMV area :)


Catch you tomorrow!

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