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soups, salads & stretching

We have an eight-quart slow cooker and I filled it to the brim!


First I put a whole chicken in there, and then I took the chicken out after eight hours. Then I let the bones simmer with water overnight to make stock. And the next day I added roasted butternut squash, onions, herbs, and cream to make a whopping batch of soup!!


We kept some for ourselves, put some in the freezer, and delivered the rest to the fantastic Anne, who just had a sweet baby girl. I also packed up the chicken with some other fixings to make a wintery pomegranate/sweet potato salad. I know that my first few weeks postpartum were a big blur that involved lots of mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza, and takeout. Hopefully something home cooked and healthy-ish hit the spot for my new mom friend!


I guess I’m on a salad kick right now (which makes no sense because it’s freezing outside). I got pretty excited about the deconstructed lox bagel salad on the Cook Smarts menu this week. But even more excited about the potato latkes (aka hash brown patties) on the side. This was my first time ever making them. Their main ingredients are potatoes, flour, and oil… so how could you not love them?


I was going to move all the baby stuff off the table for this photo, and then I decided not to. Real life :)


And another real life moment. This is me stretching my hips as much as I can to sit Indian-style. I’ve never had flexible hips but I think I’ve hit an all-time low. Time to pick up yoga again?



2 thoughts on “soups, salads & stretching

  1. You and me both. Sitting Indian style just isn’t happening. Like ever. Like it actually never happened. I prefer the cheerleader sit with both knees bent and feet off to one side.