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Happy Friday! I haven’t done a “favorites” post in quite some time and thought some of you last-minute shoppers might appreciate a few gift ideas. Here are five things I’m loving lately!

Manzella hatchback gloves. I raved about these before in my holiday gift guide for runners and remain convinced that they’re the BEST running gloves out there! I did a lot of research and ordered a ton of different gloves/mittens last year. These are the warmest and most wind-proof ones I found. The mitten flap folds back for warmer days and they’re also obnoxiously bright — perfect for a dark winter jog.


Stitch fix. I’d known about Stitch Fix for a long time but never thought I would like it. Then I had a baby and realized I would never have time to shop again. I was hesitant to give SF a try, but I’m so glad I did! I don’t know if I lucked out with a fabulous stylist or what, but I’ve kept almost everything that they’ve sent me over the past six months. Here’s an entire outfit (shoes included) that is entirely Fixed! (PS, if you use the link I just shared, you get $20 off your order!) (PPS, what do you think Anthony got me for Christmas? It’s the gift wrapped in purple. I have a few ideas…)


Bottle brush. We’ve cleaned a LOT of bottles over the past eight months (thank goodness I’m finally almost done pumping — THAT topic will require an entirely separate post or even a series of posts) and I’ve formed some pretty strong opinions on the best bottle-cleaning methods. This OXO brush works wonders, and I love that it comes with its own drying stand. It’s stronger than other bottle brushes we’ve tried and also has more bristles. Win!


Cranberry-pistachio biscotti. I rarely go back to a recipe more than once, but this biscotti recipe has become a favorite over the years! I found a bunch of pistachios in my pantry clean-up over the weekend and was inspired to do something about it. The red + green is perfect for Christmas. I made a double batch yesterday to share as little holiday treats with our neighbors!


Merrell Ashland Chukka boots. I bought these shoes last year and am back in love with them now that it’s winter again! They’re warm and comfy, and have a grippy bottom perfect for navigating snow and ice.

Merrell Women's Ashland Chukka Boot

What are some of your favorite finds lately?

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  1. Awesome I just researched bottle brushes and bought that same one a few days ago before seeing this post – glad to hear it’s the best one out there! Also, I STILL love my Manzella gloves after buying them based on your rec years ago!