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checking in

Hello from Tennessee!


Our flight left at 6:15 in the morning yesterday so I woke up at 3. Instead of napping on the plane, A decided to read the safety insert and rip out every page of the in-flight magazine. Free entertainment!


We arrived at grandma’s house and I made it out the door for a quick run! 20 minutes around the neighborhood, no Garmin and no running shoes because I was too lazy to unpack them. I stopped a couple of times to tie my shoe (those silly Nike laces) and automatically reached for my wrist to tap my watch, but there was nothing there! Does this happen to anyone else? It’s like my Garmin has become an extension of my body.


Earlier in the week I did wear it, though. I think this is from Sunday’s run? Or Monday?


I may have been to sleepy to know what day it was, but at least I saw this gorgeous sunrise while I was out there!


I’ll leave you with another ice cream update. Anthony and I found this saffron-pistachio ice cream at an international market over the weekend. I was too curious not to try it! It was really weird. Can’t say I recommend putting saffron in desserts, but apparently people in India (where this brand is from — that’s right, my search is going global) love it!


One of you also told me that Ben & Jerry’s makes a pistachio ice cream. I have not been able to locate it in the greater DC/VA area. Apparently Target has it, but the shelf was EMPTY!


The search continues!

One thought on “checking in

  1. I hope out find Ben and Jerry’s pistachio! In my house, we decided it’s the best. I hope you like it!! Happy New Year!