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fitness gift guide + a $100 giveaway!

Hello! I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner. If you’re still scrambling to secure the perfect present for a fitness-loving friend or family member, I’ve got some gift ideas courtesy of the folks at Academy Sports + Outdoorsand a $100 Academy gift card to give to one lucky reader! Leave a comment with a note about your favorite fitness accessory for a chance to win. I’ll randomly select and email a winner at random at the end of Tuesday, 12/26.

1. The perfect jacket. A high-quality jacket is a MUST for winter running (see: my top 10 winter running tips). I’m a fan of sweat-wicking jackets that have thumb holes and are tight fitting — both of these features help keep shield skin from the wind! A more casual jacket like the North Face Mezzaluna Hoodie below is perfect for layering over long-sleeve top on an easy winter jog or a short trek to the gym. (It can also be styled with leggings or jeans for a quick trip to the store or walk with the stroller, which is how I’ve been using it most!)



2. Gloves. Gloves are one of those things that people hate buying for themselves, but seem to like receiving as gifts. I’ve tried a LOT of running gloves in the past few years. I think best hand-warming tricks are 1) layering — I’ve worn up to four pairs of gloves/mittens at once! Sleek liner gloves like these UnderArmour ColdGear gloves are perfect. 2) Mittens — make sure your outer layer is a mitten (not a glove). Keep those fingers close together so that they’re nice and toasty! 3) Windproof — your outer glove layer should also be made of a windproof material. The inner glove layers can be warm and fuzzy, but that outer layer should be thin and wind-resistant.


3. Basic tees If you’re torn on what to gift someone, go with a basic workout top like the UnderArmour Twisted Tech V-Neck shirt — on sale for $19.99 as part of Academy’s everyday low prices. Layer a basic tee or tank under a jacket during the winter and then pair it with patterned shorts or capris in the summer. Fitness wardrobe staple!


4. Activity tracker. You guys know I love my FitBit for everyday activity and my Garmin is a go-to running accessory. Help someone reach their 2018 fitness goals with the right gadgets. My tips: Splurging on real GPS (through the watch’s GPS) instead of “connected GPS” (through your phone’s GPS) is worth it if you’re a serious runner. Also, go with something that’s at least a little waterproof! You don’t want to worry about sweat, rain, and showers.



5. Energy gels. Nothing better to stuff a runner’s stocking with than some energy gels! Give the gift of energy and help others avoid hitting the wall. I’m a fan of the fruity flavors, but I know other runners who love chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Go with a variety pack for fun!

huma gu energy gels

May you have a wonderful Christmas, and thanks to Academy Sports + Outdoors for making it easy to give and gift to fitness enthusiasts around the world this season. Leave a comment below with a note about your favorite fitness accessory for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Academy. I’ll randomly select and email a winner at random at the end of Tuesday, 12/26.

29 thoughts on “fitness gift guide + a $100 giveaway!

  1. Love a good pair of tights that don’t slide down. I have a really old Mizuna pair but I slipped on ice and snagged a hole in the knee!

  2. I can’t go for any run without my Garmin watch. I wish I didn’t rely on it, but I love the data and knowing when I’ve pushed myself and met goals.

  3. A good pair of running shoes, socks, pants, shirts, sports bras, gloves, jacket. Oh my I want it all! :) shopping for workout clothes is the only kind of clothes shopping I enjoy!

  4. I love your glove tips! The rest of my body warms up running, but my hands never do. So I would say gloves, for sure.

  5. My favorite accessory is my Apple Watch for tracking my fitness. Followed by a good sports bra (maybe not an accessory but rather a necessity!).

  6. In winter weather, a pair of wind stopping mittens with wicking liner gloves is a favorite of mine. Cold hands make me feel cold all over and then I tense up, so I’m with you on the good hand coverage.

  7. I have blister prone feet so having the right pair of socks is so key! So far, Smartwool is my favorite brand :)

  8. My Brooks running shoes! They are my third baby, lol. :) I also really love my Spibelt. Its So Nice to not have to carry my phone in my hand. <3 Thank you SO much for the giveaway.

  9. I really prefer hats now………..hard to run without one…….ballcaps or visors in the warm months, beanies or headbands to cover my ears when it’s cold……makes my hair less crazy, too!

  10. Mine would be a warm headband. I recently received one from Target with a cut-out for my ponytail and reflective stitching. I don’t know how it could be more perfect as an accessory! (except make me run faster) :) Merry Christmas!

  11. My flip belt is my favorite! Being able to stash my keys, phone, Gu or whatever else I need is key! Especially now as I venture out running 9 weeks postpartum the flip belt even provides a little extra support :)

  12. Oooh! What a cool giveaway! My current favorite running accessory are my gloves, since my fingers are often freezing. Nothing special – just some black leather gloves with fleece lining. But what I really want is a Garmin Forerunner watch to step up my tracking!

  13. I’d have to say my favorite would be a great pair of shoes! Definitely have been able to run further and avoid injury in a really good pair of running shoes.

  14. I used to have a Garmin activity tracker and it broke! I really need to get a new one so I can make myself get to 10k in steps daily!