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Happy holidays!


We were in Nashville for the past week — sorry for the blog silence! Spending time with family > spending time with a computer screen. Here’s our little crew!



Christmas dinner was delicious:


Though I have to say my favorite meal was pizza night on Christmas eve! Handmade pies fresh from the wood-fired oven.


Daily dessert. Look what I finally found, per your recommendations! More details to come…


And a few salads here and there :). Sporting my “I believe in Nashville” shirt for all you Southerners!


With family around to help babysit, I got in lots of runs over the past week! A few days we had nice warm weather.


And a few days were frigid cold. I didn’t pack enough winter gear so got to wear my mom’s smart wool gloves…


As well as my dad’s big red beanie. Go Buckeyes?!


One day Anthony and I headed into East Nashville to run around our old stomping grounds. I miss you, Shelby Park. It was weird to be back in our old neighborhood, and I do miss Nashville. But, I also love DC. Remember when I wrote this post comparing the two? Maybe I should do a part II (featuring life with a baby in the DC suburbs).


Soggy six miles. We didn’t spot a single soul out there on the trails — guess everyone else wimped out!


And that’s a wrap. Yesterday we drove all the way home — 9+ hours in the car, which went surprisingly well! Now time to shake the legs out with a run :). See you soon!

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