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new year adventures + eats

2018 is coming in cold! Six degrees yesterday.


I had cabin fever so had to get out there. A few icy patches here and there but nothing un-runnable!


Post-run feast at our neighbors’ house! French toast, popovers, bacon, fruit.


And mimosas!


Do you have any resolutions for 2018? I’m going to try and read more. Now that the madness of 2017 (moving, baby, marathon, etc.) is over I think I might have time to read a bit. Book recommendations?

On New Year’s eve conditions were a bit worse and I wimped out. Treadmill time.


I listened to the new(ish) Taylor Swift album for 4.5 miles. Anyone else love TSwift like me? What do you think of the new songs?

Our Office streak is still going strong! I think we’re on season 7 right now. Served up with beef borscht per the Cook Smarts menu. Let’s be honest: Beef stew is delicious, but ugly. I didn’t even try to get a good photo of it.


Ice cream, however, is beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the ULTIMATE taste test results! :0


Stay warm out there!

2 thoughts on “new year adventures + eats

  1. You are so brave for running outside! It’s been miserable in Chicago and I’ve been stuck to the treadmill for the past few weeks now … Starting to go slightly crazy :)

    Happy New Year, Mary!! Hope all is well!!

  2. I just ordered a couple new books! Right now I’m reading Girls in the Garden (by Jewell). 100 pages in but pretty good so far.