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ice cream challenge: ben & jerry’s vs. talenti

If you’ve been reading my blog for longer than, oh, say one day, then you know I’m an ice cream addict :)


The addiction has gotten worse over time :). I started a nightly ice cream ritual when I found out I was pregnant, and more than 1.5 years later it’s still going strong. Oops.


I’ve tried dozens of different ice cream brands and flavors and remain convinced that ONE brand rules them all: Talenti! Technically not ice cream — it’s gelato — but you get what I’m saying. I keep just a **few** tubs on hand…


Of all the Talenti flavors, pistachio is my favorite. I think it’s one of the most difficult flavors to “get right,” and Talenti does a great job of delivering an authentic pistachio taste!

Or at least I thought it did. After trying MANY other brands of pistachio ice cream, I FINALLY found one that is actually more delicious than Talenti. Since Talenti has been king of my (frozen ice cream) heart for so many months, it was a bittersweet moment to see my favorite brand finally take a hit from a competitor.


Meet Ben & Jerry’s “pistachio pistachio,” a true work of ice cream art. I had to hunt high and low to find it, but I finally was able to pin down a pint the other day at Whole Foods! Thank you to everyone who recommended I try this!

As you can see in the photo below, Ben & Jerry’s is stuffed with full-sized pistachios. Talenti also has pistachios, but the nuts are ground into smaller pieces.


Ben & Jerry’s also has a thicker, creamier taste. It’s less sweet than Talenti, with a nuttier flavor and even a touch of saltiness. In addition to pistachio, I tasted almond and anise extracts. Yum. (Please excuse my post-run appearance) (And by post-run, I mean that I went running about 12 hours before this photo was taken and still hadn’t showered yet.) (But ice cream tasting > showering.)


Looking at the ingredients and nutrition, it’s no surprise that Ben & Jerry’s was able to beat out Talenti on the texture front. Cream is the first ingredient in “pistachio pistachio” and the third in Talenti. Also, B&J’s ice cream includes egg yolks. Probably explains that high protein count! That’s right — this is basically a health food :)


My only “complaint” about Ben & Jerry’s is that it’s a little difficult to scoop. The thicker texture requires a firm, steady hand and strong wrist. But I’m willing to put in the extra effort required for those real pistachio chunks.


And so this chapter of the great ice cream challenge ends: Ben & Jerry’s is the ultimate pistachio treat! Thank you to everyone who recommended I try this brand. I’ve never been a huge Ben & Jerry’s fan, but maybe it’s time to make a change. If only their containers were re-usable like Talenti’s, though…


What flavor should I try next? :)

3 thoughts on “ice cream challenge: ben & jerry’s vs. talenti

  1. Haha! This is hilarious! We just had the pistachio from Talenti for the first time last week after reading your post. It was delicious but now we have to go get Ben & Jerry’s!