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I’m sorry I don’t have any sunrise photos for you this week! Arctic blast has me inside. I can run with ice and I can run in the dark, but I don’t do ice in the dark. Here’s the view from the gym window:


When will it warm up again? Treadmill boredom is coming in strong. I know there are lots of “tricks” to “beat” treadmill boredom, but I’ve used them all!

Being cooped up inside has given me an excuse to get busy in the kitchen! Here are some of the meals we’ve made this week:

“Pasta” (spaghetti squash) with meatballs. I’ve finally perfected my slow cooker tomato sauce — the secret is to throw in a pork rib while it simmers.


My friend Tracee just joined Cook Smarts and we both made this fish dish! Cod with a lemon-thyme sauce. Plus roasted veggies and an overflowing kale salad on the side. I guess I was hungry.


Speaking of which, my previous post is responsible for at least five sales of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream so far. I wonder when the company will hire me as their official taste tester?

Final meal of the week: A sausage-pepper frittata! I wish it had a crust (i.e. I wish it was quiche) but oh well.


We had some plantains, tomatoes, and avocados that were almost overripe. Plus a lonely few chickpeas in the back of the fridge. Hence the sides!


What do you have going on this weekend? We have nothing planned, so I’m considering chopping off my hair just for the drama. I’ll let you know what happens on Monday!

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  1. Must ask … is there a recipe for the sausage egg frittata? I am ALWAYS looking for egg dishes because it is my preferred protein. :)

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